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Recent content by NovaNight

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    *poke* Recognise me? ;3

    *poke* Recognise me? ;3
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    What's is your character and rival name?

    In Pearl: Me (playing as Dawn): Nova (I really liked the name back in 2007, as evidenced by my username here, haha) Rival: Sunny (his hair colour drove me to use the name) In Plat: Me (again, playing as Dawn): Lyra (This was before the Johto Lyra) Rival: Rigel (yeah, went with an...
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    What starter did you choose?

    I went with Turtwig. My brother called Piplup before I could, and we go for different starters. Thus, I picked my second-favorite of the bunch, and though the penguin is still my favorite, I'm happy that I used Turtwig ^^
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    The last movie you saw

    My brother and I watched Night at the Museum and National Treasure the other night. Though I was at the computer and just listening and occasionally looking over at the TV if my brother was pointing something out. cx
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    Your favorite pizza topping

    I've always gone for cheese, and I now really like sun-dried tomatoes on my pizza. If the pizza is homemade, I'll add some red peppers as well!
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    Words and phrases that annoy you

    This. Guys that do the same go in the same boat. However, what I find even more annoying is when guys call their girlfriends this. In the cases I've seen or heard this, the girls find it cute, but... I don't. It feels/sounds really degrading, objectifying and simply rude. The swag/YOLO thing...
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    What's Your Zodiac Sign?

    I'm an Aries. I find some of the traits associated with the sign fit with me while others just don't. I can be rather impatient, but I don't see myself as an ego case, for example ^^' Although I don't really have any stock in Astrology, I do find it interesting :3
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    Your first pokemon game?

    My first game was, oddly enough, the Pokemon TCG for the Gameboy. I had no idea how to play the card game, so I just went around winging it and didn't get too far. It was really fun though ^^ My first main series game was Silver. I remember spending the flyer money I had saved up on it. And...
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    Favorite Johto City?

    Hmm... back before the remakes, I'd have said Olivine. I liked the seaside port feel the city had, and enjoyed the lighthouse and boats. However, after playing SoulSilver, I find myself saying Cianwood, with Ecruteak not too far behind. I really liked the feel Cianwood had, calm, peaceful...
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    What is your favorite Generation II Pokemon?

    Hmm... -Chikorita (it's too bad GSC was so harsh for grass types, but still!) Espeon (I seem to like it more now then I did in the past. its dex entries about loyalty to its trainer probably played a part in that.) Umbreon (the moon/night association combined with its stellar looks and...
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    Biggest ripoffs you've seen at a store

    A lot of "designer" or brand name clothing is crazy expensive and... not even that nice or durable considering the cost.
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    ~~The Love Confessions Thread~~

    Well... I still have feelings for my ex. The day he left me, I lost my love and my closest friend. Still kinda hoping he'll change his mind, although by this point, I'm doubtful. But yeah, this isn't the place to go on about that sorta stuff.
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    The Nate/Kyohei Shipping Poll

    Transceivershipping: As others have said, it's adorable. And it's fairly obvious Nancy likes Nate And, I also got on board the GreySky train. I have a thing for childhood friend ships and I just like how they interact and look together.
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    The May/Haruka Shipping Poll!

    I voted for ContestShipping. I've been supporting that one for ages! I also like HoennShipping in the context of the games. Rival!Brendan's line about wishing May was there to see Rayquaza passing overhead was cute Though, I also support MayxWally (forgot the name). Sadly, it's pretty unpopular...
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    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    Hmm... Doing a French play-through of Y. I'm Francophone, so I thought it might be fun. Not too far in, but so far, so good :3 I started a new Fire Emblem: Awakening file a while ago, trying to get a solid second generation. Sadly, my ex left me extremely soon after starting it, and playing...