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    Really? You do banners? Nice :) I tryed a few times, but mine are never very good D: Can I see? /too lazy to find the WBC

    Finding your own style is always kinda hard. Even I haven't found my own, and I've been spriting for nearly a year D: But at least when you do, all your work is unique. Good luck with that :)
    Nah. I'm just practice a bit. Until I find a good style. Scratching is my least favorite but the most fun category to do. Although I did enter in the WBC this week. Banners seem to be my stronger area.
    Nova... that's a nice name :)

    Ew, I hate Toda. I chose Chikorita because my favorite pokemon is Bayleef <3 But I called it Cinnamon instead of my usual Sweet. Idk why.

    I'm going to pick Charmander when Prof Oak gives them to you, maybe SR for it too, then Treeko from Steve, and I'll transfer a Mudkip Egg from my Emerald. Somethign like that.

    Are you entering this weeks WSC?
    I got SS <3 I'm SRing for a SHiny lugia now, but I'm itchng to play it, so that gives me more encouragement to SR even more :) Gonna name her Comet. Not the best name, but I like it <3

    ;-; Poor you. Wow, loads of people I know are getting it on their birthdays! What are ou getting, HG or SS?
    Oh, well that sucks :( good luck on it.

    I'm fine ta. HGSS come out tommorow in the UK, and I'm getting it on Saturday, so I'm mega excited :)
    Hey there FireFox13,

    I'm glad ur so keen on the contests as ur new, This I like. If the polls haven't yet been put up, they will soon, as Zadros is the one that does them, and he can get real busy sometimes. I he doesn't do it in the next couple of days, I'll do it, but I'd rather give him the benefit of the doubt.
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