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  • It's last years, I can't find a good download of WCS 2011. Get it it's really good especially for playtesting when you have no one else
    I hated using Dinosaur's Rage in WCS08 against other structure decks. I'm stuck on a ridiculous 2 on 1 tag duel at the moment. I need to figure out the best way to beat those two...they seem intent on special summoning and warriors...
    It's nothing to do with mechanics, it's just that there's so many archetypes these days that nearly every cpu deck is based on one. their synergy is ridiculous so it's hard to even beat the intial opponents and win money to buy more cards is all/.
    Grinding on that game takes AGES. Literally the only type I really have good support for is fire at the moment. I can't be bothered with wind, been there done it. I'd like to make a proper archetype deck, or an underrated type like Sea Serpent or Dinosaur!
    I honestly don't know how I'm gonna counter them, are there ANY cards that can nerf them? There may be a monster that would work well against effect monsters and maybe if a card similar to Imperial Order was played it would help...
    Oh yeah definitely, I think I left the game around the time that Dragon's Roar and Zombie Madness were released, I had a pretty gnarly deck by then. But I have a feeling my ingame deck 'Everlasting Embers' would crush it easily. I can't stand Six Samurai OMG I hate them so much!
    Thanks! Glad you like it! I just finished up the last part of the epilogue, which puts me... four chapters ahead of schedule. It's all done, in the file on my hard drive. I'll be updating daily with one part until I get the last piece out. Probably monday or tuesday.
    It's not as big over here in the UK but I think I know a shop where I'm guaranteed to find some boosters. As great as it would be to own a deck again, there's no real point to it lol
    Yeah but it doesn't compare to owning actual cards. Though they're a real pain, they cost so much and it takes ages to get the good ones. Don't even get me started on buying off ebay or amazon...
    Found it it's Blaze of Destruction I'm thinking of. There's only 11 flamvell monsters currently released so my deck is sorta limited where they're concerned so I've upped the fire support, added in Horus lv 6 and Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys. Good times :D
    world championship 2010. probably around £30, that's what $50? It's so awesome though I'm just starting I had won lots of money ingame before getting my deck so bought loads of boosters in game. Have a lot of Flamvells so might consider making a deck around it. Do they work well with 'Ally of justice' in your opinion?
    Awesome. I'd never get the cards again, I just don't have time or money, so I got WCS 2010 for my DS to get back into it. Extremely cost effective IMO :D
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