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Jul 7, 2017
Dec 26, 2008
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February 9

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sleep researcher

NPC was last seen:
Jul 7, 2017
    1. AzerWrath
      waiting is suffering
    2. Indigo IV
      Indigo IV
      Yes. I will have a sign up posted by Wednesday evening. I've been busy with the holidays and planning out proper spells for my character.
    3. REAL DADS
      Great! Thanks for moving me up, I'm excited to start!
    4. bronislav84
      Really sorry about delays. Been busy with life stuff. I will finish Saturday overnight.
    5. The Admiral
      The Admiral
      Alright. I'll have my signup finished as soon as possible -- hopefully before I go to bed.
    6. The Admiral
      The Admiral
      You weren't on AIM, so uh:

      Quick question re: Rutger/The Endless World: As part of his backstory and abilities, I wanted to have him have robbed one of the Fortune Lands' casinos and to have an "ability" where he tends to be extremely capable of things that seem particularly implausible. I just want to make sure that this isn't too OP.
    7. bronislav84
      Oh cool thanks. Looking forward to that!
    8. bronislav84
      Yay, very happy you like the conductor's baton idea. Gonna go with that then. I'd already started to brainstorm on that, so I would have been sad if you'd said no.

      Oh really dragons are important to the story? So they're off limits to capture down the line as well? That's a definite? Just making sure so I don't get my hopes up.
    9. bronislav84
      Cool. That or dragon. How are you on a fire breathing dragon? Too cliche? Might still go with the giant wolf.

      I was thinking of using a conductor's baton for her musical instrument. Does it have to actually make music? Cause the idea I had was that different ways of waving the baton perform different beastmaster spells. Like capture a new monster, release and banish an old one to make room, give a command, and summon a specific monster. The wavings would be left ambiguous, of course.
    10. bronislav84
      I was afraid of that. I'll figure something out along those lines then. If I still can't come up with anything for a while, I'll probably go with a large rideable wolf only she can understand. That would be fine?

      Also your first Vampire link isn't working. The code might be incomplete.
    11. bronislav84
      Question here. What do you allow as beasts? Is it any possible monster that can be conceived, or it has to be wild/animalistic and non-mechanical? I'm asking cause I was thinking her first (In the Companion field) would be a magically animated sentient-ish robot that could be conversed with back and forth. I was thinking it used to be an Automaton that was damaged and became a monster instead of being peaceful until meting my character.
    12. Minteh
      I also forgot to mention that you can add her name as Ariadne Dacus on the reserve list.
    13. Minteh
      Thanks for clearing that up with me :) Yeah, it'll probably be the Astarte family who they had the conflict with since that would make more sense. If I do have any other questions I'll make sure to let you know.
    14. Minteh
      Should have my SU some point this weekend, or early next week at the latest.

      I just have one thing I want to clear by you first. You mentioned in your description of the Elves, that some do not have a high opinion of humans. For my elf character, I want her to be the daughter of a Elven lord of the forest who has a strong distrust of humans. Now my query is, do the elves dislike humans for any specific reason or are we allowed free reign with that aspect as well. And a little extra, would it be alright to say that it was a noble family who was the reason for his distrust of humans? I can see something like that possibly happening. If it is okay, what would a noble family from the south-west of Refia be known as?
    15. Schade
      It is done now, unless you see anything immediately wrong with it
    16. Schade
      Before I risk doing it wrong again: a Necromancer Vampire is okay, right?
    17. Ysavvryl
      Oh, I noticed that Tabitha left her phone behind because she figured it wouldn't work. Yoko's going to allow for communications within the castle, so if you want, you can have her keep the phone, accidentally or otherwise.
    18. Jason-Kun
      Good luck~
    19. Jason-Kun
      Pretty much, yes. I've seen the sign-ups, seems like a nice one. Bit sad that your other RPs died before they could really get going, but hopefully that one'll go better.
    20. Jason-Kun
      Fine.How've you been?
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