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  • Yeah, I am. Might add multiple characters, too. You know, a Fossik would kick some serious can... Probably use some really oddball characters if possible, too.
    Aw, but I think it's nice that people wanna sign up even after sign-ups are closed... I guess.

    So I noticed you're signing up for that Smash RP. I already signed up. As two characters.

    Try a character who isn't half-something this time. I'll give it a look, I guess...
    Thank you. I'm almost done already.

    I was originally going to give him epic scarves a la Touhou's Iku Nagae, but he's awesome already, so.
    Well, **** me. Someone's already jacked the parkour concept. I'll complete the app anyway, since he's a rather different character anyway... Especially because my character is, well, batshit crazy.
    Ah, that's alright.

    Oh and it's a The Mars Volta reference, haha.
    Heya, just wanted to tell you that I won't be postin until friday night, we've had loads of ISAs this week (Investigative Skills Assessment) that just vasically sprung up with little or no warning (hence the lack of postage).

    Also, out of curiousity, why does your username translate as damaged deer? XD
    Nothing too fancy... I'll tell you via PM since I tend to be stupidly lengthy on descriptions of simple things.
    Mel's sitting right here and she's all 'WHAT CODE WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT.'

    I don't even know.

    Um, yeah. I've got photoshop and half an hour. What do you need/want?
    We could communicate in CODE.

    Also, if you're not too busy, I was wondering if you could make me a sort-of banner one of these days...
    Oh god it's like a facebook wall. But! Then will the other RPers look on our profiles and know the truth.
    Yeah, NEXT post gets information about BB dream. Sometime in the middle of a class. Since his brain will probably completely fail.
    I have a question about Flemming.
    Is it a boarding school. I need to know to finish the last detail on my sign-up.
    Thanks for the welcome. I RP pretty regularly; I used to go to SPPf regularly too, but left, and now came back.
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