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  • Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee better have an option to skip those super-long tutorials.
    Got it on those changes, thanks for the heads up- I'll update the lists, respectively.

    It's a bit hard to hear on 67 but he started off the SM wild battle just 1/10th of a fraction later than in Japanese, the other 2 themes were kept in full- 68 is back to the usual 2/xx'ing however, title card & SM wild battle are all that were kept (he spammed his Batman theme as well, like 10+ times).
    I'm updating the list right now: only thing that's changed percentage wise is S19 went up to 15%...only reason S20 was 0.1% higher is because of the 5/12 with 43...GGG is replacing more Japanese music as it goes on itself, just sad.
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    Not to mention Goldfarb's music is so bad it's painful. I can deal with Lillie sounding like a 30-year-old woman, but not the dub music.

    A few more corrections:
    SEASON 16
    BW099: A surface to air tag battle - 12 pieces kept.
    BW126: Crowning the scalchop king - 12/23(not 28) pieces kept.
    SEASON 19
    XY115: Battling at Full Volume - 7 pieces kept.
    By the way, did SM067's dub really cut off a portion of one of the two tracks that played during Ash and TR's battle? I watched the dubbed episode on Youtube and that didn't seem to be the case. I'm pretty sure the tracks were kept in full this time.
    Not sure if you know this but Season 21's dub has a banned episode, censorship of wine cups to orange juice glasses, and nothing but 1-2/xx episodes, no joke...

    (By the way, thanks for the corrections, I'll add them in ASAP- sorry but I've been off of Serebii for a while, going to work on updating the list now)
    Yeah, I know. I usually watch the dub to see which JPN music pieces are kept, but during Season 21 the music replacements got so bad that I stopped caring for a while. Although lately it seems like they're going to keep at least 3-4 pieces of JPN music in the dub.
    The censorships are nothing new, but banning an entier episode is a bit too much. If "PassimiAsh" bothered them that much, then they should've just asked OLM to remove the paint from Ash's face.
    Not sure if I like the new look of Serebii forums. Some of the new features (custom avatars, 'like' system) are pretty neat though.
    Actually, we don't even need to do that. She just posted in the trainer's queue not too long ago...and oddly enough it was just when I messaged you.
    [Will do, or better yet, will PM you it: I've done it for AG079-80 and AG145, too, three of them were the five 1/XX eps 4Kids had in their dub and I wanted to see them with 100% OST so I did it myself. I'll probably PM you it in a few days or so.]
    I improved AG001's dub by restoring all the OST as best I could, if you're curious and want to see how it could've been.
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