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Recent content by nunzio722

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    Official Black & White Help thread (Ask your questions here)

    what is the quickest way to get a pokemon to lv.50+ without giving it any ev's,i cannot aquire any signifigant number of rare candies so i need help.
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    Official Black & White Help thread (Ask your questions here)

    is it possible for an egg to get pokerus, i have an egg in my party, with my infected deino, and it has the purple active pokerus box.
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    Official Black & White Help thread (Ask your questions here)

    the darmintian has the purple box, also does it get infected if i put in in a double wild battle with darmintian?
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    Official Black & White Help thread (Ask your questions here)

    what is the quickest way to get a pokemon to get infected with pokerus? i have a deino in my party that i am trying to infect with a darmintian with pokerus, but it just wont get infected, what should i do?
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    Can you cook worth a %^$&?

    both my parents are amazing cooks, my mom couldn't cook at all a few years ago, but my dad taught her how to cook, and now she's a better cook than my dad. dad wil probably teach her how to make ahi tuna, since he just came back from a fishing trip, and brought back 50 pounds of fresh...
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    >>>The Closed Thread Container<<<

    the hydreigon has an all special attack moveset... wit an impish nature. derp indeed.
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    School's Out!

    I finished june 16th, and plan on hopping around between my home in jersey, family in pennsylvania, and plan on also vacationing in florida. My school also makes us do summer reading, so i still have to read 2 books and write reports on them.
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    ok, so i had a dream that i was on vacation in florida, and i went into a computer shop tailored to the needs of someone running a linux operating system, and i asked the guy at the counter a question about something in linux mint, and he said to ask a person in the back of the store named zach...
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    friend request accepted!

    friend request accepted!
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    Attractive Qualities

    well with all the ladies on here saying that tall, strong, and athleic men are their types, sounds like im screwed, im small, nerdy, don't play sports, and am weak (planning to work on that this summer). I almost feel like i CAN'T have a girlfriend because women deserve better than me. :s
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    Pokemon evolutions you'd like to see.

    my god, shuckle with eviolite would be the ultimite defensive wall.
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    Abortion - right or wrong?

    ahem, to quote mr.garrison from south park: Im not touching that one with a 30ft pole.
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    Official Black & White Help thread (Ask your questions here)

    well m not really sure what i want it to do, i was thinking of having it set up hazards, while still having it be able to deal damage diversely with physical moves. also i would want it to be able to take whatever the opponent can dish out, so i would want ev's to match that.
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    Cartoons created by Seth McFarlane

    I still think that he works better when he is not creativily limited to family-friendly shows. also, does anyone know if the flintstones reboot will be a family show, or something to be aired on animation-domination/adult swim. Also regarding robot chicken, WORST. SHOW. EVER., i think that...