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Nutter t.KK
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  • I'm sorry, but this made me laugh.

    Last Activity: Today 4:13 PM
    Current Activity: Giving Infraction treat yeast 4YEASTINFECTIONCURE13012011a
    Because no one else is nice and will respond...

    Do you have a legitimate copy of Pokemon Black/White? If it's White, can you help me get the non-legendary exclusives?

    I'd really appreciate it. ;_;
    ello :D
    if we add a spoiler to our sig, do you measure the sig's height when the spoiler is closed or open? Idk if that makes, but basically im wondering if the stuff inside a spoiler contributes to the sig height limit
    I was wondering if I could ask where I should post a pokemon analysis? I don't wanna post it in the wrong forum. Please reply soon~
    I saw a few days ago that you were modded, and I wanted to say congrats. I never heard of you before tbh, and I don't normally say congrats to people I don't know, but I've been seeing you around a lot more lately, so good job ^^
    Hey, I'm wondering if you're the same Nutter that I knew a few years ago lol. (This is Dratini927)
    I posted the stats of my snorlax in the help thread at level 70.can you please help me figure out stats of snorlax at level 100 with each of the ev sdreads.(refer to the second to last page in help thread foe them)

    Please and thank you
    There are several, most are plug ins.

    WinAmp has many plugs ins, chances are there will be a plug in on the site. Both are Free.
    i searched the main site but there isn't any to be found. problem is that i have no names on which i can search. i have frouty loops on my PC but that is no option since that program takes up too much time only to understand so i need musicplayers (or applications) who can support this instead. do you know where to find one of these?
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