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  • I'm not forum staff, I'm staff in the WiFi chatroom (#SPP-WiFi) and a voiced user in the standard chat (#SPP)
    You never thought of a Social group like this. It's called the Serebii Warrior Legion, and you have been invited.
    Do you think your a skilled trainer with out any doubt can defeat anyone? Are you a fan of fast and strong pokemon? Do you want to create an alliance filled with other member in the group as a sub-group?Do you want to role-play as your favorite pokemon and act like a team? The Silent Forest(Serebii Warrior Legion) could use you as a great member. Here, we will host events and get competitive with other teams and earn ranks and special rewards to claim pride.
    Don't want to join? Sorry for wasting your valuable time. But thank you for reading the message

    Serebii Warrior Legion-Were Legends become clearly relevant
    That's because I'm not going to list it as being updated on the main site every day
    I don't use "uber" Pokemon , I don't calculate stat values, I don't use cheating devices, I don't breed my way to perfection, and I don't care about natures. I catch my Pokemon the way they are, and treat them like individuals instead of brainless drones. If you use this philosophy, copy & paste this into your signature. (Started by Tyranitar)
    Wellcome to the Cometboom league Mr. Nuts. Could you tell me and the rest of the league about your skills and if you have a type specialisation
    , we are happy to accept you as a member
    Simplicity In Everything.
    but it's more a logo then a name actualy, i used it for the sprites i made years ago.
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