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  • Nah, I'd be spreading myself way too thinly if I ripped songs from other series, not to mention that I don't have enough real estate on my hard drives.
    Things are all right. Busy with work + it's playoff baseball/college football/NFL season and soon to be NBA season. Haven't been able to do much work on music rips lately as a result. But more stuff coming. [Soon™]
    Never heard of that show, but the OP is not bad. Hopefully they make the visuals as intense as the song.
    I can't wait till this gets released. Hopefully it comes before the actual episode.
    Well to be fair, the gym battle, Kalos crisis (possible Malamar Gangster return and Team Flare pre-hype), and Serena's performance are all happening beforehand. Man, I really, really don't want Shota to beat Ash at the league simply because he has the Mega Sceptile. Or Tierno with his goofy dancing gimmick. I've watched the show for too long that it would make me want to punch a wall if that happens. If Ash doesn't reach the finals and lose to a trainer of Alain's caliber after this season, then I don't know when in the show he'll ever do well.
    Nah, I don't think they'll be getting Megas. Especially since Mega Blastoise and Mega Venusaur (in the upcoming Special) have already been showcased. Well, there is Mega Zard Y, but I doubt Trevor will be getting one? It really would devalue the 'awe' of Mega Evolutions if every other trainer got his/her hands on one.

    I just meant that they might return alongside Shota in the arc.

    As for SatoSmogonfrog, I think that new form is temporary, like Mega Evolution.
    Maybe the camp trio will return as well?

    Yeah, Mega Sceptile w/Ash would have been amazing, but I'm hoping only reason they're giving it to Shota is for it to provide a strong challenge to the special frog.
    Only thing I'm disappointed in is seeing Sawyer/Shota in the trailer
    same buddy, same.

    Also, I thought they were saying 'Ikuze' in the opening? :O
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