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  • Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday you old wh*re!
    Happy birthday to youuuuu~
    I know, I used to use him myself. but he kinda suck soooo...

    Noah, eh? The least expected name. lol. I can add you on Facebook if you'd like
    it's okay, I got the code.
    I had two Weaviles. My god People want weavile on the GTS
    1650 2312 6307
    and Yours? I'm too lazy to check Your signature. lol
    Whatcha evolving? Amaura?
    Gurl, I tried showdown yesterday, and I do not understand sh*t about how it Works..
    that's why God invented time changing on Your 3DS.
    Meh, it is growing on me.
    Well, it's now or never, and God forbid, I am not turning into a failiure!
    Well, I wouldn't know.

    Don't we all? lol. I'm trying to adapt to the adult life, but so far, it haven't had many big proceeds.
    Well, it might have been someone else. truth is, I'm kinda semi-drunk now.
    Really? You always give off a much younger vibe. lol
    At least tell me how old you are. It annoys me so much when it is not listed on the profile. lol

    I suppose, but I'm not sure. Our internet is acting up like crazy today, so doubtfull I can manage a Battle without losing connection
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