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  • I’m loving Charmed. I thought it was a little too SJW at first, but it’s gotten better as it went on.

    For some reason, I’m not feeling Cloak and Dagger as much. I still have yet to watch the recent episode, and there’s another episode coming out today.
    Yes! Charmed was a bit corny on the pilot and felt too rushed but now the plot is good and some of the topics are on point.

    Cloak and Dagger I feel has improved from Season 1. I did not like the way Mayhem was portrayed. In the comics she is more menacing. I wish they would have given Tyrone and Tandy an actual villian to fight.

    Do you watch Agents of SHIELD?
    Monster Guy
    Monster Guy
    My favorite episode is the one with the Pixie, mainly because I like how Pixies are portrayed. This last episode was good though, and I’m looking forward to the season finale on Sunday.

    An actual villain with powers to fight yes. Although, it looks like that’s going to happen in the episodes I’ve seen, but we’ll see.
    Monster Guy
    Monster Guy
    Honestly, no. It’s on my long list of shows to start watching, but I never get around to it. Same thing with the shows in the CW Arrowverse. I start watching, but never bothered to finish.

    Apparently VMs can’t be longer than 420 characters now. :/
    Nyter! How’s 2019 treating you so far? I just noticed your post for Sword and Shield, you’re going to choose Scorbunny as well?

    Also, I want the queen to be the champion.
    Haha Queen Elizabeth??? Lol so I better see Meghan Markle as an Elite 4 member
    Yeah a royal elite four would be cool. Medieval themes seem to be extremely prevalent in these games.
    Damn dude, it's been awhile! Checking up yearly, huh?

    I've just been going through college like a lot of the other guys from way back when. If you wanna talk more hit me up in a PM for my cell number, I only ever get online monthly nowadays.
    Popplio is definitely my favorite as well, I really like all of them I think Litten is probably my second favorite. The legendary Pokemon are cool I don't know which one I like more definitely digging the Sun legendary.
    Ahh ok, I'm doing good just finished my second year of college on Summer break now. What do you think of the Sun and Moon starters?
    JD Numbers? I think you might have the wrong guy, I went by Mudkip43 before I changed my username back in 2012.

    But anyway how's it going?
    Is there a way of checking your grades? They're accessible for me online, so I'm able to find out how I'm doing overall.

    Today I can't seem to motivate myself to work. :p maybe cause I didn't go back to sleep after seeing the Sun and Moon news, haha. I gotta keep pushing, I'm planning on going home this Saturday
    Studying in the psychology field, but right now I just have to fulfill core class requirements. Not too into the field yet, but I'm finishing up my introductory psych course. I've been pretty worried about this class cause I didn't do well on my first two exams. This class only counts a few things, exams, one assignment and participation, so they make up large percentages of my grade. So I've been trying hard to bring my grade up, thankfully I was able to on the assignment and participation. I just took my last exam and feeling confident that I did much better on it. Other classes, I'm doing alright in. Right now I just have to finish a project and paper for this week and I'll be over with everything
    Been pretty good as well! I'm already in college, it's been quite a transition for my 1st year but I'm trying my best lol. At least it's almost summer. Last time I saw you was back in high school it seems. Jeez, time sure flies!
    I'm glad you're well and yeah it really is a blast from the past reading all my past things! xD Sorry for the late reply. I'm not very active on here anymore unfortunately. ;m;
    ayyy i just collect the cute ones :O jajajajaja actually im here to trade some shinies i want! but all of mine are like old and not kalos born so i dont know if ill be lucky UoU
    yaaay man bun! >:3c
    sure! hahaha ill send u some pics in a moment then!!! dude i really like man buns they look so cool jajaja i wish i could've seen you like that! jajajaja and yeah! i mean it was just like a break, im graduating w the next gen and everything so most of my friends will be gone to uni :'( congrats in advance for your bachelors!!! ofc i still play pkmn! but in a lesser hype than 4 years ago tho jajajaja wbu?
    jajajajaja si!!! me lo hice en vacaciones hace como 4 años omg y después hasta me lo pinte de morado!!! (te enseño por pm si quieres!!) dude que bueno que estas estudiando jeje en que estas? i took a free year which is ending this august and this time next year im graduating hs! yay! :D
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