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  • Thanks, it was a great vacation!
    Not much, really. I used to collect the cards, but I grew bored of them, lol. How about you?
    Not yet, but I did get 12 hours of sleep last night after my 15 hour drive back home from vacation.
    Yes, he does have sppf talking! I do feel a little sympathy for him, but what he did was unacceptable, especially since this I a child friendly forum. I just hope he is lying about the suicide part...
    I don't know him, personally, but I do know that he needs some serious help. Autistic people with depression are very har to deal with. I was gonna post in his suicide thread, but it got closed when I finished my long, and eye opening post. He really needs professional help big time.
    Mine are Torterra, Swampert, Drapion, Electivire, Scrafty, Empoleon, Lucario, and many more. :D

    Wow, Dattebayo is crazy! ( I saw that you were viewing his newest thread. I was watching what he was doing yesterday from behind the scenes).
    It's 3:30 am here. So, it's early, but late at the same time. ^_^ how about in your neck of the woods?
    Hey, no problem! I saw you post in a few threads and I thought you were a pretty cool person!
    Oh, nothing much, just hanging in there. How about yourself?
    OMG I'm excited like super duper excited. Dont forget to apply for the clan as soon as we reserver our posts.
    Haha nope Manaphy is a gym leader (sucks for him) lol. Our league will be great but its only PO tho
    LOL its just for a league not really for the clan. I'm an E4 member :D You should challange the league once its done.
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