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  • I'm glad you guys talked. And yah he's one of the best people in this world :)
    Jeez I've had such a busy day. Said goodbye to my father. Leaving tomorrow morning.
    Aw well that means a lot thank you :)
    You always made me smile too so it's good hearing you're just as awesome as you were :)
    Its ok Mauro....it was really bad when we talked and it was still reallllly bad for a while. And I don't wanna sound sappy but this guy Jason.....when I met him he did change my life. My depression went away and I felt important. He helped me so much more than I thought someone could.
    After he broke my heart it did come back a bit, and tbh I'm still a little sad. But I'm a lot better now.
    Well I'm confident cause I know it's true Baha Jk xD
    Yah after you left things really changed with me.
    I was destroyed emotionally and I built myself up with jay's help. And I really love who I am now :)
    Oh **** I'm sorry dude I didn't know. What happened?and don't worry I doubt you and him fell out harder than he and I did lol. And we still made up :p
    I know jb but we never talked.
    Rob was actually one of the people I came back for. We had some good talks and we caught up. He'll always be someone important to me :)
    You should message hi. He'd be happy.
    I actually haven't been here long. I left a few years ago and just came back a while ago to talk to some people. I have no idea what happened to her or if she changed names or what.
    Well I am glad you came back. I missed you.
    I rarely ever get to have them lol xD
    Yah I play Pokemon. I still have a group of friends that I met here. We talk every day lol. So I have my Pokemon nerd herd :p
    You played still?
    Omg lol so you have the perfect job for you then! Baha.
    I'm actually a little sad my layover on Tuesday is only like 2 hours lol
    Aye Nyter. It's been awhile.
    I've been good, on my last year of high school. Prepping for college next year. how about you?
    That's really cool :) sounds like a really cool job.
    I'm one of those weirdos who likes layovers lol. Iunno airports are comfy xD
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