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  • Well I'm taking health so I can have a semester open next year, so yeah, to get ahead. Nothing better that learning about health for five hours a day with a test daily...
    Nice. Is that why you were gone for ten years? College?

    I'm good, trying to get through summer school stuff (which is the worst thing ever btw).
    How are you?
    I'm trying my best not to see any spoilers, but ***** *** whitestone told me all this **** when we were playing PS3. All I know is new fairy type that is super effective against dragon, a horsea like pokemon, a lobster, and a zubat looking dragon.


    You got a 3DS now?
    Yup and I believe the guy that told me. I mean when ED was on top of the clan section there was at least 5 super active clans and around 4-8 semi-active clans. Now there's only like 7 clans and they're all the super active ones. If anything we should make a club.
    Naw supposedly there's a dick mod in the clan section that closes every clan for no reason except the clan he's in. I believe it cuz there's only like 7 active clans now.
    Ah. I'm a splurger, **** savings says Jorge. Ew, why not an iPad(apple bias here).

    Mom fine, she's getting 7000 dollars soon from a case from her job, they operated her hand and messed up a bit so thats nice; she had to get a lawyer and it's been almost 20 months since her suit/case started. Nice for that to conclude.

    sister and my bro-in-law still in alaska, he's still in the army at least until next Feb. Which nephew? I now have 2 of them... =/
    Kelz is pretty much the same loveable guy.

    I've gotten pretty close with WS, now since we're always playing PS3 together.

    I haven't heard from Bacon. :(

    And DE is one of my best friends online now.

    And idk about everyone else. :(
    We'll the ones I remember are DE, WS30, Kelz, Zekromaster, Zach, and bacon and her family lol. (and obviously us two)
    I didn't think it was a disease, thought ya were murdered xD

    I'm doing great! Just living day by day and trying to do well :p
    How about you?
    I will never forget you neither Nyter <3
    And wow that's crazy! Is she much better now?

    My familys been good just a couple tantrums from my mom but that's not new. My little brother is 6 but he's going to be 7 in two weeks.

    We still have to do that ED reunion!
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