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  • Oh i almost forgot. My only condition for when i trade/battle on wifi (Ever) is no voice chat if thats fine with you.
    Im available right now if you want to. I already registered your FC.
    (I dont know why i posted this on MY profile lol)
    YES! Alright, you can choose any pokemon from my newly hatched. Ill be happy to trade :) (I will need your FC. Mines in my siggy located in my trainer card)
    Also i have a free training service (I dont EV train however). Would you be interested in me training any of your pokemon?
    I dont really offer breeding services and plus i dont think i have a metal coat. Sorry :p. but i would like your bagon. Is it male or female?
    Hmm....as for your offering of your bagon and trapinch, if they are low leveled, i could trade one of my newly hatched pokemon.
    Hey there. Welcome to Serebii. Most hacked pokemon don't mess up your game, unless it the weird sprite mess-ups of AR. Then it probably would mess up your game. Seeing as how your Scizor came in a MB, I'd say either the person hacked the Master ball or they really wanted that scyther. :p -Silver
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