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  • to tell the truth, i asked the wrong person...
    i had the wrong screen in front of me,...
    please excuse me :p
    This is basically true. I think a lot of people just don't care here, though, regardless of whether they're an autodidact or not.
    Here are a few anime streaming sites you can use to get yourself started:

    Hey man thanks for the help with the Ralts. Can you make sure it's a male with a nature that benefits attack and hinders speed? Or I can simply do it myself. I'll trade whatever ranging from untrained Legendaries.
    I dont know how to report to a mod, but this thread should be in miscellaneous
    the report button is at the very top right hand corner. its a triangle with a !. btw that should not be in misc or anywhere else on the site
    Mewtwo is gone. Im trading him already. All of the pokemon that im offering are untrained, ill train them to meet my trade partner's specifications.
    hey I saw you were looking for a Raikou. I'm interested in your EVd Mewtwo. Want are the EV's for him?
    I am very interested in GameStop`s Raikou, my Jirachi is Lv.5 is the event one.
    send me ur Name: and FC:
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