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  • That's bad. I live in the East coast of the US, a 13:30 time difference we have. Right now it's 4:28 PM. We'd have to set up the trade at night for me, morning for you. I'd be usually up till 11 PM EST, So that's be 12:30 PM your time? Is that right?
    Hey. I've been breeding some Zorua lately from the event Zoroark, and I saw your offer. I'd really like a Gochimu in return, as I have White. Could we settle a trade out?
    Side note, BCVM22, what is the meaning behind your username? It has often intrigued me.
    Many have asked.

    I know what it means, obviously, but all I'll say is that it's an acronym. Any further clues and it'd be too obvious. If someone really wanted to find out, they probably could with minimal sleuthing, but I like keeping the mystique alive.
    May I be the first to say "Happy Birthday" to you? (That's what it says for me here)

    I've seen you in the SSB4 thread, so hopefully you don't think it's strange for me to post this here. :)

    Happy 22nd, bud.
    I have no intention in sticking around in a thread where people are insulting me. I didn't run away. I left because I no longer saw a point in a discussion that honestly wasn't going anywhere. People wanted me to leave anyway, so I complied.
    I also never made myself out to be morally superior and I didn't say that non-smokers have more rights. I said that a smoker had the right to do as they please, except when their right infringed on the rights of others, which I believe is what happens when they smoke in public. That was my main point throughout the thread and that was what my whole argument was based on. I see no reason why that should be considered bias and I fail to see how that was a crusade against smokers. And how you were offended by "my little rantings" is still a mystery to me considering my posts, in a nutshell, were about where I think smoking should be limited to.
    People claimed that I knew nothing, that I generalized and that I wanted the entire thing banned. I countered all of those claims only to have them thrown right back at me yet again. I was insulted and called a self-righteous idiot for my views, even by you who told me to get out if I didn't like the way things were and again you who made a joke that the oxygen I was breathing was too thin.

    I made a valid argument about my thoughts and provided backup for my opinions. I'm sorry if I seemed a bit arrogant, but that was only because of other posters who spoke down to me. In no way did I make myself out to be a fool.
    I would appreciate it if you and others did not try and make me out to be an idiot with his head in the clouds.
    I think I've proven myself to know more than that, even though I don't really have to prove anything to the posters of SPPF.
    Oh Bobby, you're so silly.

    Read the other posts on this very topic, silly boy.
    That's pretty amusing. Gave me a good chuckle, anyway. ^_^;
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