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O.G. Trainer
Last Activity:
Dec 30, 2017
Nov 18, 2010
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O.G. Trainer

Active Member

O.G. Trainer was last seen:
Dec 30, 2017
    1. Wego
      GG that was a close
    2. Wego
      Ok O.G. are you ready my fc is 3434 4141 8031
    3. orochi
      your inbox is full ^^' I was gonna ask if you are still up for that battle?
    4. sizida
      I only find some quality features and they make others to get even harder, such as hatching power, some awesome item that can cause 200BPs, and unable to fully EV train for 2 IVs.
    5. sizida
      I know. But I enjoy trashing those kind of Pokemon using my own hard bred ones~

      And I can battle anytime I want. So it is all up to your determination to battle in this.

      I hope 6th gen has better restrictions.
    6. sizida
      Lol you don't owe me anything!

      Besides I have my own 5th gen trade shop to look after. I don't battle 5th gen here, instead I always go for random battling.
    7. O.G. Trainer
      O.G. Trainer
      Nope I transferred my pokes to gen 5 and I owe you from our last battle now that I'm more familiar with the rules and meta game lol
    8. sizida
      Wow. You are back for more 4th gen or something?
    9. "Spite" DefaultAsAwesome
      "Spite" DefaultAsAwesome
      What? I'm not looking for any battles now.
    10. O.G. Trainer
      O.G. Trainer
      I cant battle gen 4 until I get the security settings changed on my computer changed. So any Gen 5 full battles im open for. Ive finally finished building my team in B&W so hit my inbox for a battle!
    11. Omario
      I'll battle you if you like. I can use Pokemon between 80 and 90 or whatever you need me to use. I'm always up for battling. :D
    12. skyliner34
      Let's battle. 4th gen
    13. 5sniperwolf
      hey im waiting in the room if you are ready for battle
    14. charlessparks13
      I'm ready and my new FC is: 1979 5178 3985
    15. charlessparks13
      Yeah. I got a new FC, and I'm switching up my team, give me 10 minutes please
    16. Strate
      Sure, what's your FC?
    17. sizida
      lol no. you did well too!

      i think my tentacruel took you by surprise.

      yeah this time i really plan carefully for battle so yeah.

      i don't play a fool all the time.

      let's battle next time~
    18. sizida
      somehow the connecting part is sloooooow.
    19. sizida
      is your SS fc is the same? check it again.

      yup i don't see you in the room so your SS fc has changed.
    20. sizida
      wanna try whether we can meet each other in the room for battle again?

      if you use a different ds, the fc maybe different...
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    Favourite Pokémon:



    Flint/2065 3922 2543 (White)

    Same as white/0690 8825 2261 (Platinum)

    Same as white/0991 5303 2662 (S.Silver)

    Rarri/1421 0270 3957 (Black)