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    O tamago's Animated Character Sprites

    yea, I do plan on doing the gym leaders after I finish the manga characters :D However I'm leaving for college in *2* days so I'm about to get REALLLL busy xD I'll try to work on them when I can/feel like it, but it will probably be slow goinz :/
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    O tamago's Animated Character Sprites

    reply I'm kind of confused about what you mean by that... Don't take this the wrong way, but try some punctuation please. "this was that last thingy i could find cool." would be an insult, while "this was the last thingy i could find. cool." would be a compliment... If it's an...
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    O tamago's Animated Character Sprites

    hey guys I added a few of the manga sets. I plan to add FRLG in a few hours; gotta go eat some dinner first! :D *om nom nom*
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    O tamago's Animated Character Sprites

    reply lol well if you notice, Dawn, Kotone, and leaf/white/bel all have *slightly* different hand position on their bags. So technically there are 6 poses :P but yea I get what you're saying, they all are kinda the same. But the thing is, when you walk, how many people walk with some...
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    O tamago's Animated Character Sprites

    haha well the only thing I used for a "base" per say is the Dawn & Lucas sprites from Diamond & Pearl that were ripped directly from the game. I just edited those and pretty much made all other hair/outfits/poses/arm positions from scratch. so...those were the bases I suppose >.> sorry if that...
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    O tamago's Animated Character Sprites

    reply @ The 4th KIRA Sure, I can send you the individual slides too if you'd like. Just be sure to credit me, and I would like more info on what you're using them in/ to see the finished product. It's always cool to see how my sprites get used when they do :) A note to other readers...
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    O tamago's Animated Character Sprites

    lol yea that was next on the list once I finish the manga characters and the other couple I was going to do. I will if I'm not sick of making these by then. They take a long time to make! XD
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    Deviant Art - Post your username here!

    http://otamago.deviantart.com/ I've got pokemon sprites! drawings and origami too.
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    O tamago's Animated Character Sprites

    Hey Guys! It's been a while since I've been on the forums, but I hope you like what I've been working on! all sprites were created using the Diamond & Pearl walking sprites from the gender select screen. Naturally, this means I do not take credit for the DP style sprites for Dawn & Lucas. You...
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    Official HG/SS Help Thread

    does mt.mortar have the same general layout as it did in gold/silver or as was in crystal? or is it completely different? and if its different is there anywhere i can find a map of the new layout...? :/
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    Who is replaying GSC in honor of the new games?

    crystal was my first game but my brother lost it :( i found a rom tho and im playing it all over :D lol it feels so nostalgic. beat 7 gym leaders so far :)
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    Are you choosing the male or the female trainer? Marina or the new girl?

    Wow i really dont like the new girl Being a girl, this is the first time ive ever really considered being the guy because i didnt like the girl at all. crystal was my first game so i was really excited to see gold and silver remakes and play as kris, but now im kinda dissapointed =(
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    tee hee i finds you :D

    tee hee i finds you :D
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    O tamago's trainer card shop =D

    hey ive been getting a lot of requests thanks guys! I just want everyone who has made a request to know that i am working on them, and im sorry its all taking so long ^_^;; ive been busy every weekend for the past month cuz of my robotics club (Go to www.usfirst.org if you want to know more...
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    The Weekly Prevo/Evo Contest

    guys whoever the judge is is probably on spring break right now, just wait a bit longer and they should be back