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  • holy crap that is around the same srs as my shiny lugia in oras lmfao I am only twitching because i want to progress to battle tree to get that iv checker lol
    okie dokie be going in soon i need to add you something came up so i got delayed be there in a few minutes
    lol we keep missing each other how about this try to join the discord server if you do have one of course...I am on there most of the day just afk and ping me
    sure thing i am gunna register my ultra sun right now with global link after that we can trade if you can ;)
    I got your 5iv premier ball adamant ha drillbur ready whenever you are to trade playing my ultra sun version atm
    okie dokie will breed you a a drillbur i will give ya ha with adamant nature with decent ivs then it may not be fully correct however it be at least 5ivs to be fair ^_^ I have only premier ball so that be the ball choice then ;)
    hey sorry for the late response but i don't have this HA Meditite in Dream Ball so if you want a ha drillbur i can do that for will it be iv breed still or just random ball?
    Have you been viewing spoilers?

    If not, I will respect your desire not to.

    I'm just curious if you have.
    I'm really excited for Gold and Silver VC release.

    Now if only I could get those Celebi codes...
    I didn't want to reset to get Modest, Timid, or an almost-perfect nature like Hasty. Meanwhile, the IVs might be messed up.

    Plus, I'm not competitive, so good enough is good enough.
    I finally beat the E4 in Pokemon Emerald. I went ahead and caught Latios in a Master Ball (reset once), and I got a Gentle nature with good Sp. Attack and Speed IVs. I'm not looking for perfection so much as acceptable.
    Hey, could I convince you to give me an Ability Capsule?

    I have enough points on my own, but I didn't know how many you had in particular.
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