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Mar 11, 2015
Jan 4, 2014
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Obito888 was last seen:
Mar 11, 2015
    1. *Kyurem*
      You may want to edit the Shadow Stars first post to get rid of Khybon and Cutty. The Steel Type leader spot was asked for, also.
    2. *Kyurem*
      Cutty has just posted a VM saying that he isn't active on the Shadow Stars thread anymore, so you may want to edit the gyms saying that he isn't a leader anymore!
    3. Wego
      Lol a lot of people tried to stop my love they burned, poison it, and hit but my love will never die
    4. Wego
      Another close game GG I was thinking that Garchomp was about to end me but Dizzy saved my life
    5. Wego
      GG that was a great game it had me on edge
    6. Doobius
      hey, i ended up getting these off someone else. thanks for messaging me though.
    7. Doobius
      hello there. don't suppose you have any of the HA starters (not readily available in XY safari) that you can part ways with? looking for any of them, turtwig, mudkip, treeko, etc. if you have any that are extra and not important, let me know. just want to get 1 with the HA ability so i can trade for the rest.
    8. FairyWitch
      go to the spectacular section of oras where there talking about the new game that section post counts do count :) hope that helps...trade fourms,guild section,clubs all do not count...most disccusion sections are the places to go...
    9. FairyWitch
      hey obito i found out why you can't post images in your post someone told me that you have to post more in places where post count your post count isn't high enough yet...

      edit: 20 posts to be exact ;) right now you have 7
    10. Skullbash
      Kanto E5 is completely ready.
    11. FairyWitch
      hey obito didn't get your message on the 6th do to you posted on your own profile :p just click on my name and you can message me in my profile back but anyway they do count all the urls like using bold and italics and etc let me check your opening and see what it could be if not im not sure...

      edit: counting you have 16 urls in your post not counting the one for the banner as well that should be to much i think
    12. Obito888
      No, there was no check box. Still get the message whenever I try to insert the image (banner). No idea how there's 'too many URLs'. I'm only trying to add the one.
    13. FairyWitch
      obito btw did you finally figure how to get the banner on the main front? I did leave a help tip did it help?
    14. Erron Black
      Erron Black
      Also I think you shouldn't limit it to 4 regions. Make all gens available for an E4 spot. I'd like to become an E4 member but I'd like to use Gen 5 Pokemon.
    15. Erron Black
      Erron Black
      SO there are no restrictions to what you can join as?
    16. Erron Black
      Erron Black
      There aren't hacked Pokemon, the generated stats means your Pokemon will have 6IV, EVs of your choice (The max in X and Y is the max there), and nature.

      Only way to get hacked Pokemon on Showdown is by using Hackmons, but that is basically banned for competitive use and is only used for fun.
    17. Erron Black
      Erron Black
      You'll have a few people who may not like the idea of it.

      Trust me, I have a certain someone who complains about it 24/7 to me .-.
    18. Erron Black
      Erron Black
      My league allows it and I've seen previous leagues allow it.

      It's actually no different from X and Y's Wi-Fi battling. Except you can find your opponents quicker and the battles are run smoother tbh.

      Other than that the mechanics are the exact same.
    19. Erron Black
    20. Erron Black
      Erron Black
      Woops made me double post :s
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