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    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
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    Don't comment my page again. You give me an improper infraction, for bumping a sticky thread. And have the nerve to comment my visitor's page. You are by far the worst moderator i have ever seen on any board. I don't have words waste on the likes of you.
    Quite the charmer, aren't you?
    Yes it is a sticky thread for reporting people to the blacklist you're correct , but it's not just some random discussion thread and you bumped a 7 month old report . I apologize for expecting you to display any level on common sense. You're clearly above all that nonsense and know better than us Mods. ;) . However if you have a problem with the infraction take it up Ellie or Shining Mew =).
    My Apologies, I didn't realize he said to leave a note on his thread if you needed a battle , what I posted was more a general rule of thumb x) Sorry again for that

    But he is a person not a robot and he has a life , and it's not your job to tell him to get a sub/ quit if he can't handle being a Gym Leader.
    Nah don't worry, I thought you got angry by the abusive paralysis rate and power down the ds. Indeed good game, with or without weavile, that azelf means hell for my team.
    I just like to know a wager before I enter into it. Or it's another avenue through which to flame you so that might be funny.
    I'm not sure which part of the conversation gave you the impression I was a patient woman. Please, by all means, take your time.
    See, I think we've hit a point in this debate where every win you get, I say is because you spam OUs and every win I get you say I'm fighting low levels. Paradoxical o=
    Then I'll acknowledge you're not a total failure. I'll still not totally respect you because you feel the need to use high-base stats to win when I find it much more fun sweeping with Sunflora (has happened a lot recently) but yes, not a complete tool.
    I've quickly lost my patience with you. You are a meaningless cad. All I'm suggesting is: if you want to claim to be the best battler on Serebii, actually battle the good battlers on Serebii.
    I told you, either prove it or shut up. You've chosen the latter, stick with it, okidey? =] This is the final correspondance I hope to have from you. Also, lol @ CDA clan thread. Fail in a can
    As I said, prove something or stop acting like your God's gift to the battlefield. I grow weary of your constant "I am the best there is, was and ever will be" yet you do nothing to engage a battle. Do so or kindly shut your mouth.
    Like I said, boring. I don't really give a crap what you use in battle. I don't really have to respect you for winning with Cress nor do I have to take you seriously until you prove you're any good.

    Besides, with your win count, you look like a noob. For sure, your "6" losses outshine my 39 but I'm pretty sure my 407 wins are better than your 46 and I did it without spamming Cress. So you can take your CDA and shove it unless you're gonna prove anything.
    Comment watching you? Nah, you're boring really. Arrogant, but boring. Trust me, dear, I've seen you around the battling forum and from who you've battled you're in no place to make let alone justify that claim.
    Yeah good game. Im actually one of the best trainers at serebii ( if not the best ).
    Consider your bubble burst
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