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  • hmm, after considering for a while I've decided that I'll....consider it a little more, lol! Certainly sounds tempting though. If I do go over there I'll use the same user name, and so you'll know whether I've joined or not.
    Oh, idk. I'm not sure what I'd do there. I guess I'm just done with competitive battling since I don't have the time to keep my knowledge up to date. Unless there's stuff to do there that merely requires knowledge of the basic principles (which I still remember)?
    Believe it or not, I never joined Smogon and so have no such username to speak of. ^o^ The only reason why I can recommend it so strongly as though I have an account there is because lurking there back in '07 did wonders for me. =p Other than that instance and the usage of Smogon's resources, I was purely bred of Sppf's CRMT.
    Hey, Obsolete Victory I joined a new forum. It is just new and the RMT section isn't ****ed up yet. Anyways, I started a tutor program there and we're looking for good competitive battlers who want to become a tutor. Are you interested?
    Yes there is, in fact. There are soo many things we need right now. We could really use some more active tutors, and we need lots more student sign-ups. So keeping an eye out for prospective students and redirecting them there will help.

    Also, if you think you can handle it and will be active, go ahead and apply to be a tutor. Depending on what you sign-up for, the main "professor" (as I define in one of the sign-up threads) will decide whether you can help or not. We don't need a whole lot of help right now since our tutors are active, but if we get more students, we definitely will.

    You can also help us think up ways to keep bld active both inside and outside of tutoring and help keep it active yourself by posting. Also, anything else you can think of to help out will help. Just post it in the suggestions forums and see what happens.

    Thanks for asking!
    As I thought you come from Smogon. Not that there's anything wrong with it.

    To answer your question: My thoughts are that you're completely right about CRMT sucking and people not knowing how to rate properly. However, some of the raters do know what they talk about. Some raters do try to make CRMT better. My thoughts are that even though there's bad or "noob" raters on CRMT, there's also this group of people that make being here worthwhile.

    About the tutor program: VM or PM my good friend Salavoir55. He'll tell you exactly what to do. A start would be doing yourself an account on Brock.
    lol, thanks I just didn't want it to seem like I was stealing. Thank you :)
    I saw your RMT, and I saw that it had trapper scizor in it, this new team that I am making needs trapper scizor to check MYSTICgar, so I was just wondering is it O.K. if I take that set (even though I may redo the EV's)?
    Thanks :) I don't do alot of rates but my speciality is "themed teams". And a good thing about the CRMT is that there are alot of funny things that are quotable for in your siggy. Have you seen mine already? But thats all what is good on CRMT. And almost all the mods there are scared away by the horrible raters and threads. Its really a cursed place lol.
    Thanks for the friend request Obselete Victory ^-^ it's always great to have a new friend. But why did you send me one? Just curious.
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