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  • Hey, you need to post in our match by the way. Might be an idea to add a subscription to it so you can tell when it's your move, that way you can avoid the big, nasty DQ.
    i know how that feels all that stress, i can be easely affected by stress as well because of my handicap ptreferred as autism and what i allways do in those situations is taking a break, i tell my parents that i need some rest which they understand and i give myself some time to relax by getting a drink or something else that calms the mind and after that i simply report back and continue with what i was busy with.

    doing everything fast won't get the job done i allways say, i can do much more twice as fast when i'm in a relaxed mood.
    so you have problems with your family? that isn't a nice thing to have still not a reason to blame a certain event for. i had situations ike that in my life as well and one of them was also around this time of the year and the best thing to do is to keep a low profile and stay away from the conflict to give it time to calm down, i assume your parents are grown up adults and they don't like this as well even though they seem angry, christmas is still two days ahead if you don't live near japan or hawai so i suggest you stay away from all the trouble and try to find some distraction in the meanwhile.
    wrong place wrong time i think, you won't get into trouble because people think: hey it's christmas so let's get OBSESSED WITH PKNM.

    be logic and think about what you might have to do with it as well, problems are complicated situations and blaming christmas for it would be a bit cheap plus an excuse to hide the things that you did, conflicts often come from both sides.
    how can christmas be held responsible for that? things can't go good all the time everybody knows that but it would be a bit unfair to blame christmas for it.
    merry christmas merry christmas merry christmas merry christmas.
    there... no seriously dude why do you hate it? it's allways so much fun to be with family and friends
    I thought the Lucario movie was OK, it didn't go to the extreme corniness like some and seeing the Weavile twins was cool.
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