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  • I just suffer from no-self esteem and self respect. x)
    I am also kinda paranoid, and people don't like me xD
    That sucks, bro :/ Evil X-es are... evil... <_<
    I see your point. I have a hard time studying in my spare time too xD
    And at school, things is not very good, as i kinda suck at everything I do xD
    And my personal life is affecting the school work and my consentration too.
    and everything just Bleeeh! xxd
    I know what you mean x3
    I only do schoolwork at school xD
    Schoolday ends the moment I walk in my front door
    FR = forum term for a friend request =D...

    Well I was like.... close to being a .500 team. However, when it came to battling friends I was pretty good. I just don't get the IV, EV system quite well...
    Hello there Ocarus, thanks for dropping by. Oh yeah, I feel the same way. I loved the 3rd generation ever since Ruby/Sapphire came out, has some of the best Pokemon designs out of the whole Pokemon franchise. I am glad we both take a liking to the same thing :)

    Anyway you are always welcome to my userpage, I usually come on now and then, and you are also welcome to come talk to me anytime you like :D
    That is alright! No award is needed for giving a fresh member a shot at the forums.

    Well I thought I give you a FR for a reward =D

    Asfor battles... This place is great, though as for me. I am terrible XD;;;
    You're welcome. For a newb, you're actually quite good and familiar with battling. One thing I may suggest, however, is replacing Thunder Fang with Wild Charge on Arcanine. He's already going to be taking recoil damage from Flare Blitz, and Wild Charge hits a lot harder.
    Not if you speak to the Portugese members.

    I think it'd be nice for you to speak Portugese together.
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