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Last Activity:
Nov 20, 2011
Nov 1, 2011
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December 20

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Ocarus was last seen:
Nov 20, 2011
    1. sophmeister
      Yeah! That would be interesting.
    2. Schade
      I just suffer from no-self esteem and self respect. x)
      I am also kinda paranoid, and people don't like me xD
      That sucks, bro :/ Evil X-es are... evil... <_<
    3. Schade
      I see your point. I have a hard time studying in my spare time too xD
      And at school, things is not very good, as i kinda suck at everything I do xD
      And my personal life is affecting the school work and my consentration too.
      and everything just Bleeeh! xxd
    4. Schade
      I know what you mean x3
      I only do schoolwork at school xD
      Schoolday ends the moment I walk in my front door
    5. Schade
      You've had school for three days straight? xD
      No worries (:
    6. Schade
      Welcome to the Forums. Let's be noobs together......... or not x3
    7. diablo_200525
      FR = forum term for a friend request =D...

      Well I was like.... close to being a .500 team. However, when it came to battling friends I was pretty good. I just don't get the IV, EV system quite well...
    8. AuraWarior
      Welcome to the forums and have fun ;D
    9. Lulu_used_SunnyDay
      Hey, you're the first that came out of a thread like that to give musical advice! lol
      Thanks, I'll check em out ;)
    10. Shadow Lord Daniel
      Shadow Lord Daniel
      Hello there Ocarus, thanks for dropping by. Oh yeah, I feel the same way. I loved the 3rd generation ever since Ruby/Sapphire came out, has some of the best Pokemon designs out of the whole Pokemon franchise. I am glad we both take a liking to the same thing :)

      Anyway you are always welcome to my userpage, I usually come on now and then, and you are also welcome to come talk to me anytime you like :D
    11. diablo_200525
      That is alright! No award is needed for giving a fresh member a shot at the forums.

      Well I thought I give you a FR for a reward =D

      Asfor battles... This place is great, though as for me. I am terrible XD;;;
    12. Blue Snover
      Blue Snover
      I think it's fine as long as it's on you VM and PM pages.

      Good Night Ocarus.
    13. The Imposter
      The Imposter
      You're welcome. For a newb, you're actually quite good and familiar with battling. One thing I may suggest, however, is replacing Thunder Fang with Wild Charge on Arcanine. He's already going to be taking recoil damage from Flare Blitz, and Wild Charge hits a lot harder.
    14. Blue Snover
      Blue Snover
      Not if you speak to the Portugese members.

      I think it'd be nice for you to speak Portugese together.
    15. The Imposter
      The Imposter
      Dear god, I only got four hours of sleep last night, if even that. I'm very, very tired.
    16. The Imposter
      The Imposter
      Oh, sorry about that. Had to take a shower. I'll be on right now.
    17. Blue Snover
      Blue Snover
      I'm sure people won't mind if you speak in Portugese if that makes you feel comfortable.
    18. The Imposter
      The Imposter
      I'll be on Smogon as [EDR] Karp.
    19. The Imposter
      The Imposter
      I think that would have been awkward.

      So, I hear you use Pokemon Online. Wants a battle?
    20. ninetails012
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