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  • It'll really help me too I hope, back in Diamond, I was pretty good, now I got my only win on my first try, while losing each other battle...
    Oh yeah, remember the scramble challenge? I started it right now! I'll update it in ten or so minutes, once Oak finishes asking my name and wether I'm a girl or boy. (in real life that would be a little, um, creepy).
    Wow! That's great! the most my Elec Rain team got was five pokémon... Almost a win! Grrr.
    Anyway though, I just signed up! Had a little problem with WiFi, but I'm back online again!
    Nope. I come from the other side of the world (The Netherlands), but I live in Indonesia.
    I should probably get to bed know. See ya tommorrow! ZZZZZZZ...
    OU, but I'm not using Dirkac, as it didn't log out right, I'm still there so I'm not allowed to go on as Dirkac, I'll try afain tommorrow.
    Anyway though, while I got knocked out in both battles, Electrci got knocked out slower, and managed to take out more Pokemon, so I'll be joining Perpetual Motion!
    Well, tommorrow, as it's 11 at night here.
    Going to bed in half hour or so.
    Oh yeah, I read fanfics, I'm subscribed three of em, Jay's Journey through the Henzo Region (by LadyLady), Max's Adventures (by RealRaymon), and Wally's adventures (by Brendan)
    Brendan is followed by a number, but I forgot what it was, I'm friends with him so just go to my friends page and you'll find out.
    Thanks! I should probably say this though, not having WiFi for two years, and only having had Pokémon Online (PO for short right?) for a month or so, really hurts the competetive I used to have.
    In other words, I sucked at last few teams in PO.
    Well, I can't even join the Black Ice clan since it requires friend codes...
    Hmmm... Electric or Grass...
    I think I'll hold a team in Pokémon Online of both, and see which one goes more smoothly, should go pretty quickly.
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