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  • ... Oh wow, I'm stupid, anyway, I was thinking of joing Perpetual Motion, Team Enchanted Garden, or the Black Ice clan, these are based on mah three favorite types, and these three are pretty easy to use too.
    Whch clan are you part of?
    Not sure if this would count as being battle worthy but...
    I have Pokémon Online (the battle sim, not the site).
    I know right!? They're really fun to give out.

    Anyway, I'm not part of any clan, because my DS (nor 3DS for that matter) will connect to WiFI, even though the security is WEP, unless our provider got the security mixed up.
    I actually really wish I had it though, (I still have my Phione on the GTS in Diamond) and a clan sounds pretty fun itself... I hate WiFI and the annoyingness it gives...

    Um, totally out of the blue, but where do you live?
    Oh, yeah Thanks!
    You really like giving challenges huh? (how does a Lanturn even do that?)
    I really like giving challenges to people too, knowing I have reson other than being a Swalot! Oh no wait, I'm Hugh now.
    I don't mind at all!

    Um, actually my scramble team needs one more poké, though I don't care anymore if it's a starter or not, as long as it's not Pika,'I've used him in my previous playthrough.

    Oh yeah! You can post again now in Umbra.
    You must control that thunderbolt ...you'll cause everyone to attack you ...
    I have to control my Draco Meteor ....it's great I has a Lanturn friend ;3
    I don't have to wear a uniform to school, thankfully. I would literally go insane if I had to...I'd come as my real form, Dragonite. and hyper beam the school.
    If you're a Lanturn, how do you fit in an uniform?
    Oh, in this round you can vote once per hour, in most other rounds you can vote every 20 or so minutes without double posting.
    It seems I run into you a lot!
    Singapore? Interesting my friend ...Every math teacher I've gotten is a mean lady who tries to tell us "math is life " when it's really not. My Spanish 2 teacher BTW, is awesome. I'm a 10th grader.
    OMG,I hate math! There's always something that I don't really get in that class. Although, I have an A, it's boring ..what grade are you in?
    Yes, of course you can hurt the main character's Pokémon! I nealrly made Skyler lose his Gym Battle had his Spoink not been sent out.
    So in a word: YESH.
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