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  • I SHALL! =p

    And each to their own I suppose. Helps that there's no pre-5th gen Pokemon before beating the main story as well I suppose.
    But hgss also has ditto and a lot of Pokemon in it, compared to the total amount obtainable with trading in each game of course. =p
    Pick up that sweat you dropped! Or, uh, something.

    That is true, although I'll argue that HGSS offers a fair bit more than BW (which sure gave a lot of area to explore post-e4 but after that... not much new and nothing like the safari zone, etc).
    Reason I asked is I wanted to know how much longer we'd be reading this, but eh. I understand completely and am not upset at you ending the story; rather, my irritation is with Game Freak, who have been rather bad historically at making a Pokémon game worth playing after the main story is done.
    Actually you'd want to blame Genius Sonority in this case, as they are the company who made Colosseum (and XD).
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