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Last Activity:
Sep 24, 2017
Dec 7, 2013
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College Student/Aspiring Voice Actor

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Brock and Misty!, from KALOS

OfCorsola was last seen:
Sep 24, 2017
    1. Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      [how are things going?]
    2. keepitsimple
      I'll check those ones out then :] thanks
    3. keepitsimple
      Aside from a few episodes, no. I didn't care much for X and Y so I got bored with the anime. Any episodes of sun and moon you would recommend?
    4. keepitsimple
      At least i have a reason to watch sun and moon now at least for a short amount of time

      Nah it's no problem i can tell what you meant to say
    5. LadyTriox
      Cute name you got here! :D
    6. keepitsimple
      Yeah of course. I like their new designs too :) I'm happy about it. I missed them lol i think they were gone too long :\ at least misty was anyway. I want to see how her party has changed
    7. keepitsimple
    8. keepitsimple
      Good to see the writers remembered Brock and Misty exist
    9. keepitsimple
      thanks ;-; that rly makes me fel bettr

      but unfortunately he is not in a better place. he is an angry ghost dick that has stayed to haunt me ever since

      should i call ghostbusters
    10. keepitsimple
      February 30 this wasn't very long ago
    11. keepitsimple
      on my 20th birthday i was fighting in the war. my men were ambushed and blown to pieces and i was the only survivor, unfortunately the blast was so powerful it burned my dick off. when i returned home my wife left me because i didn't have a dick anymore and nobody remembered my birthday except for my brother Dave who always supported me through these troubling times. he gave me this hat which he says he found in the garbage dumpster. two rats were mating inside it and there were some syringes in the hat as well but nothing a quick wash wouldn't fix. at least i think it was washed, can't quite remember

      it's my most cherished possession because it was from the only person who remembered me on my birthday
    12. keepitsimple
      are u dissing the hat

      excuse u i'll have u know this hat has a story behind it
    13. keepitsimple
    14. keepitsimple
      Incorrect, it was 8. You were close.
    15. keepitsimple
      What number am I thinking of?
    16. Teebu
      Haha thank you.

      Work is good, well the money you get from it at least. Is it work to do with your studies or just a general job?

      Bit late, but thanks, it was good :)
    17. Lunala
      Sorry for the late reply and all, I was banned for a week

      For some reason, since I joined almost a year ago I've noticed this site is bleeding a lot of its fun members. Btw I like your username.
    18. shy_taillow
      Hi stranger, you have the best username in the history of usernames :)
    19. Lunala
      the quote in your sig redirects to a different LizardonX post

      Ash should leave his Kalos clothes with her when he leaves for Pokewaii |>╭͜ʖ╮>|

      I miss LizardonX
    20. Chaos Emperor
      Chaos Emperor
      I got fire emblem fates birthright. :P
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  • About

    College Student/Aspiring Voice Actor
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nintendo 3DS Friend Code:
    I pop in sometimes. Mostly hiatus
    Favorite Pokemon Character: May, Misty, and Drew
    Favorite Rival: Paul and Drew
    Favorite Saga: Advance Generation
    My thoughts on the anime: Started by moi
    OS Ash (Anime + Movie)- 8/10
    AG Ash (Anime + Movie)- 8.5/10
    DP Ash (Anime + Movie)- 6/10
    BW Ash (Anime + Movie)- 4/10
    XY Ash (Anime + Movie)- 6/10
    Misty (Anime, General)- 8/10
    Tracey- 6.5/10
    OS Brock- 7.5/10
    AG Brock- 6/10
    DP Brock- 4/10
    Cilan- 5/10
    Clemont- 7/10
    May- 8.25/10
    Max- 7/10
    Dawn- 8/10
    Iris- 1/10 (I give her 8/10 in manga)
    Serena- 7.5/10
    Bonnie- 7/10
    OS TR- 8/10
    AG TR- 6/10
    DP TR- 1/10
    BW TR- 6/10
    XY TR- 2/10
    Anime Rating:
    (sun and moon rating coming soon! :3)
    Manga Rating
    BW>Ruby and Sapphire> Gen 1> Gen 4>Gen 6>Gen 2

    Favorite Generation:
    2, Johto

    Multishipper, Guitar, Anime, and Voice Acting


    "There's only One Tree Hill, Lucas, and it's your home"