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Last Activity:
Sep 24, 2017
Dec 7, 2013
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College Student/Aspiring Voice Actor

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Brock and Misty!, from KALOS

OfCorsola was last seen:
Sep 24, 2017
    1. Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      Pikachu Fan Number Nine

      [I know you like Cake, so I wanted your opinion on this - doesn't this remind you of 1970s blues-rock and stuff like that - it really reminds me of songs like Bad Company's "Ready for Love"]

      [oh and happy belated birthday]
    2. Chaos Emperor
      Chaos Emperor
      Did u get anything nice for xmas? :P
    3. Chaos Emperor
      Chaos Emperor
      Merry xmas! :D
    4. Teebu
      Also,whilst I'm here. Merry Christmas to you and your family. :)
    5. Teebu
      I'm great thanks. Moved out of my parent and into a new house a few months ago so been pretty hectic to say the least haha. How's things with you? :)

      Hahaha! It happens to the best of us ;)
    6. Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      [have you moved on to living on your own yet?]
    7. Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      [I really have my hopes up for this movie]
    8. Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      [you excited for the new Pokemon movie?]
    9. Hakajin
      Me, too! 10char
    10. Hakajin
      I did! I don't know... but I hope so! If there were even one Pokeshipping hint, that would mean the writers haven't forgotten about it, and maybe even that they still mean for Ash and Misty to end up together. Oh, what if they did something like that promo where Misty had a kid that was implied to be Ash's? I... actually, I wouldn't like that so much, because of Satsumi. But I'd definitely get a sense of satisfaction out of it.
    11. Teebu
      Woah, longest of long time no see's! Literally haven't been on here in years xD or tumblr, I really need to log in and catch up on that LOL.

      And yes, you already know this, but Maka and soul is awesome :p
    12. Chaos Emperor
      Chaos Emperor
      Hey, how've u been?
    13. BubChan
      Hey hello! Sorry for the late reply
    14. kuzronk
      Started using PC a bit but not sure if I will come here due to the annoying notification I can't remove.
    15. Musashi~
      Ah great!

      I'm one of the top 50 students in my school. ^^
    16. Musashi~
      Aw...thank you so much! ^^
      So when are your exam results gonna be out? :p
    17. Chaos Emperor
      Chaos Emperor
      Me too. But how exactly would we pull it off?
    18. Chaos Emperor
      Chaos Emperor
      Then let's do it. ;)
    19. Chaos Emperor
      Chaos Emperor
      No it won't. We'll be safe from the evils of outside while still having a good friend inside. :P
    20. Chaos Emperor
      Chaos Emperor

      Ok let's pool our resources into investing in a bomb shelter, we'll live in that and life will be about as good as can be for either of us. :P
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  • About

    College Student/Aspiring Voice Actor
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nintendo 3DS Friend Code:
    I pop in sometimes. Mostly hiatus
    Favorite Pokemon Character: May, Misty, and Drew
    Favorite Rival: Paul and Drew
    Favorite Saga: Advance Generation
    My thoughts on the anime: Started by moi
    OS Ash (Anime + Movie)- 8/10
    AG Ash (Anime + Movie)- 8.5/10
    DP Ash (Anime + Movie)- 6/10
    BW Ash (Anime + Movie)- 4/10
    XY Ash (Anime + Movie)- 6/10
    Misty (Anime, General)- 8/10
    Tracey- 6.5/10
    OS Brock- 7.5/10
    AG Brock- 6/10
    DP Brock- 4/10
    Cilan- 5/10
    Clemont- 7/10
    May- 8.25/10
    Max- 7/10
    Dawn- 8/10
    Iris- 1/10 (I give her 8/10 in manga)
    Serena- 7.5/10
    Bonnie- 7/10
    OS TR- 8/10
    AG TR- 6/10
    DP TR- 1/10
    BW TR- 6/10
    XY TR- 2/10
    Anime Rating:
    (sun and moon rating coming soon! :3)
    Manga Rating
    BW>Ruby and Sapphire> Gen 1> Gen 4>Gen 6>Gen 2

    Favorite Generation:
    2, Johto

    Multishipper, Guitar, Anime, and Voice Acting


    "There's only One Tree Hill, Lucas, and it's your home"