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  • I have the naive ditto ready if you want to trade today.
    if you can wait until tomorrow I will have timid and impish.
    I started a ditto collection just 5 days ago so I am ready to catch any nature.
    Actually, since I got the regis, I haven't been playing it. I've been finishing up my gym and E4 teams, which I have done, with some outside help, except for one I forgot about and am now training. I finished his EVs, but now I have to level him up to learn a few moves. I can't tell you what it is, but you can see the whole team, if you battle me that is. :p I can tell you it's for my Kanto team.
    I hated the rental place, I always got crap to fight with, and then only got slightly less crappy crap to pick from when I won. I like the battle tower on DP the most. The team I use is: garchomp, metagross, and gyarados. They can handle most anything, but they're especially capable against the tower tycoon, both the 21 team, and the 49 team. MY best streak is 56 if I remember right. It was a few above 50 that much I know.
    Teams based around weather are a lot of fun. I'm actually working on a sunny day team too, but it's also a gravity team, which is going to be really difficult to manage, but it helps to have a pokemon in mind for a team starting point, like I'm basing it around heatran. With gravity going, his base 120 power move magma storm becomes 100% accurate, and combining STAB and the sun, its power reaches a devastating 270, but if I can get his ability flash fire to activate, then it becomes a murderous 405. Throw in a choice scarf, and you got yourself the king of fire types blasting massive holes in even the most capable walls at ridiculous speeds. Of, course, that would take a minimum of 4 turns to activate, so that sun might not last long enough for a full power sweep, unless I don't use a choice scarf and teach heatran sunny day itself, sacrificing speed for the longevity of power... Oh, and I'm putting together a gravity team that isn't based on the sun. Just a regular gravity team, but still a very powerful one, one that I may replace my sandstorm team of the E4 with, which I might add, is also done. So what's the battle frontier like? It's a lot different from the emerald one I surmise.
    Yea it can take a while sometimes. Hey, didn't you ask me about the passing of natures? I think you asked about whether the everstone worked if the father held it, and the answer is no, only the mother can pass a nature. So what have you been breeding?
    Yea, I'm working on those, but Christmas is close, so it might take awhile, but it is a guaranteed thing. Also, I'm about to breed abamasnow to be a substitute leech seed staller. I'm just kind of jumping around the list; it's more fun that way. So far I've bred snorlax, scizor, empoleon, and medicham. No particular order, just whatever seemed good for the moment, and I've been busy as always, so if I ever get some free time, I'll probably be able to do 2 or 3 a day, instead of the 1 per day I'm doing now.
    Good news for you! My friend said he'll get you the last of the legends you need, which I believe is arceus, celebi, and latios, right?
    Oh, and to answer the question of who the star player is, that would be the Shield. It's one of my favorites, and I built the team for it alone originally, but as I moved some stuff around, there became room for the Sword, and then it built from there.
    Man the internet sucks during winter, lol. The basic gist of my sandstorm team is to have one sandstorm setup, two baton passers, two baton recipients, and one ultimate backup. The two receivers are the biggest threat of the team. One is the ultimate defense, and the other is the ultimate offense. Between the two of them, and the backup pokemon, there isn't anything in any tier that could stop them, not even ubers, of course that's only if they get the setup I've prepared for them. One baton passer is specifically built to pass to the "Sword" or the "Shield" and once the required pass is made, it's too late, theoretically. I plan to test my strategy, but short of a team comprised specifically of counters for the individual pokemon, it isn't likely to be stopped.
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