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  • Hey there.
    Bricka informed me that you were still looking for some legends. I've got two replies on a Lugia for trade, so I'll see about getting one for you and let you know once I've got one.
    Let's see, I have a few things lying around, so I'll put a group together for trading. I've come across gligar and ledyba, so the only one left on that list is corsola. If you could find that too, I'd be very thankful. I was thinking this for the trade:
    elekid, lonely nature(ice punch and cross chop)
    Dratini, lonely nature also ( good for mixed sweeper)
    munchlax, quirky nature (earthquake and zen headbutt)
    Ursuring, jolly nature, quick feet ability (fully trained and everything. just give it a toxic orb, and the first turn it's in battle, use swords dance. you'll know what to do from there.) It's one of my favorites that I happen to have a clone of. I used it to destroy the first two members of the E4 before I joined it. It made me the first person to ever beat any of them.
    Awesome, now all I need is that corsola and I can finish my star player for the team I put the most thought into. Although, it won't shine without the aid of the others on that list. Oh, and what would you want in return for the list pokemon? I could make you a competitive team or something.
    Oh, and while I'm thinking about it, I've been asking around about your search for the legends, I'm sorry to say that the group's trade thread is of little use in its current state, but I have a renovation proposal for j-master that should make it far more efficient. Anyway, I've asked around a bit, but no luck yet. I also asked Meluvia (The #2 in charge of the group) if she could help, but she has already traded off her extra legends, but said she'd keep her eyes peeled if something should come up. I have one source yet to tap, but I'm not sure if he'll be compliant in the matter, but it's worth a try I suppose. I'll let you know if anything should happen. Oh, and what all legends do you still need?
    Phew, I'm going alphabetically and I'm only to the F's, and already have 72 I'll be breeding for. Filled up a page just writing down the names of the forms. It's gonna take 10 times the paper to write down all the EV spreads and moves and stuff, but at least I have the materials I'll need, except there are three dusknoirs, and I only have two reaper cloths, but that shouldn't be a problem for awhile, since it's #'s 54-56 on my list, so I'll have plenty of time to find one by then. So far bronzong has the most forms with five, and dragonite ties with claydol for 2nd with four.
    Yea they really ought to do something like that, because I've bred tododiles before that were grandson and grandma, and that's just weird that you can do that. And me having a dynasty, lol, I can't imagine, but I should probably make a list of the pokemon and multiple forms I plan to have. I hope the boxes have enough space...
    Bah, forget about it. You've helped me more than you know. I can use those cyndaquil and chikorita to breed competitive versions, then use them as parents to pass along egg moves, and the chamander can be used to breed a belly drum charizard and other useful variations. The eevee is the best though. Alll the eevee-lutions has strong competitive capabilities, and that one female can help me to produce them all, with egg moves of my choice being the main attraction. I may have given you some hard to catch legendaries, but you've essentially given me 2 dozen or so pokemon in return. And those TMs, can't forget bout those. Those will help to complete the move sets of some of my incomplete projects, and then I'll use them again and again for chain breeding so I can pass them along to other pokemon who'll need them. So if you ever need anything bred, EVed, or the like, let me know. I have almost everything I'll need now. You remember my goal to breed all competitive versions or all OU pokemon. I'm not too far off from them point when I can set that up freely, and you've jumped my progress forward quite a bit.
    so it's eevee, chanmander, cyndaquil, chikorita, stealth rock, and roost
    for my
    regirock, regice, registeel, and regigigas.
    That's what we agreed on, correct?
    If so, I'm ready.
    How do you like that! I threw a ball, and went to get a snack, and I come back only to see I caught regirock! It's finally over. I haven't had fun like this since I went after Giratina, but I'll be migrating shortly.
    Well, I'm fighting ice, but it's getting close to struggling itself like steel did. He keeps letting the ball shake three times before hopping out too, which is becoming a little annoying.
    Yea, relicanth knows yawn, so that's helping. If you're going to find a 50+ one, then look for camerupt instead, and only if it still knows rock slide. That's the egg move I need. I believe it should still know it, as long as it isn't above lv. 57.
    Uh..... He struggled himself to death when I wasn't paying attention. Ugh, well, I saved again, so here we go again. And don't forget about the specific genders. That's the most important part of the way I use them.
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