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  • Well that will make things easier then, he uses action replay. My competitive latias from him was level 1 when I got it, that's the only thing that isn't normal about them. Are you completing your pokedex on platinum?
    Hmm, well I kinda get what you're saying, so I'll be getting them new ones, and I might know a guy who's willing to get some of those others you wanted, they won't be legit, but they won't have nicknames either. Either way, I'll have to look into that later.

    So you have pretty much every pokemon huh? I figure after I finish my main goal that I might complete the pokedex too. What I want to do is breed every competitive version of every pokemon in the OU tier. By every version I mean take gliscor, for example. I would have one as a physical wall, and another as a baton passer. Like that, but with all of the OU pokemon.
    Sounds good, I'm at Mt. Pyre on emerald, so there are only two gyms left I think, then the E4, then I can go regi-hunting. Oh yea, the Latias is named Iris btw, just realized that might matter, but do names really matter if they're only for the pokedex?
    Phew, sorry bout the long reply time, internet went screwy for a bit. The names are Steel and Boulder, and of registeel and regirock, I think you know who's who. If it's a big problem, then I'm already playing my Emerald through, so I could pick up some new ones, and maybe even a latios too.
    Cool, we have the same time zone then, which makes things a lot easier. My FC is: 2622 2901 1446, and I hope you don't mind if they have nicknames, which aren't too good btw
    Yea all females, and the TMs for the regis is fine, oh, and they have pokerus too, pre-existing condition. And we can trade whenever, also, what time is it where you are?
    Haha! Alright, sounds good, sounds good, I'm busy putting other teams together for my gyms and what not, so this will save me a mountain of time! I'm also looking for stealth rock and roost, so there's another bit of luck.
    How about this, assuming you want them all:
    latias for eevee
    regigigas for turtwig
    regirock for charmander
    registeel for stealth rock or roost
    Or, you could give me both TMs and all three pokemon, but of course my side of the trade would have to bulk up too, and I can offer all kinds of stuff, so ask and I might have it, but some of the higher points of what I can offer are: TMs 1-50, Pokerus, lucky egg, electrizer, and other good stuff like that. We'll figure something out.
    Yosh! I'm Mr. BrickaBracka, Steel and Kanto gym leader, E4 member, and Co-leader, all of the ghost type lovers group of course. Nice ta meetcha, and welcome to the group!
    I saw you were looking for legends, and I happen to have an extra latias, figured you might be interested. I also have regirock, registeel, and regigigas, not regice though, can't remember what happened to it. There isn't much I don't already have, or can't get on my own, but if you have female versions of chamander, turtwig, or eevee, then those would be best, but if not we'll figure something out. Also, I would accept a cyndaquil or chikorita, as I already have tododile, but only if you don't have the first three, and then if all that falls through there are a few TMs I don't have. And again, if none of that is workable, then we can figure something out.
    The ghost type lovers group is holding a special halloween event now so check
    out the 'event' thread in the group if you want to see/participate in it...
    Ghost Lovers Group is holding a raffle in honor of reaching 200 members.
    Check out the 'Congratulatory Raffle' thread if you want to reserve a spot.
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