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  • Hey there... if you're still active, I'd like some advice on an HO team. I used to play DW OU and got up in the 20s on Smogon... but now that Thundurrus and Deoxys-S are banned, I'm trying to think of replacements for them. Oh, and I'm doing this in BW OU, so Keldeo is out of the question too, lol. If you could get back to me, I'd send you the team I'm planning on. Thanks in advance for the help!
    Hey there. Just because I'd get infracted for posting on your thread, in your special HO team (before I get to anything I just wanna say it's amazing!), your Latios is choied and I don't understand why since in the DW OU tier soul dew is allowed, so you could get the choice boost with a choice of moves. :D
    Haha. GL with her man. I thought you were like 15 or something. Haha. I think they do too. I've tried one with my Physical HO team and it works tons better. Maybe the metagame changes HO every time it changes. I've been better. Crap HW every night. It sucks.
    Hey Romeo, I'm a sort of new player, and I'd like to possibly throw some ideas around with you, darumakkaimposter and farfan about some heavy offense. I don't have much experience with HO and I'd like some help. If you could, reply to see if we could figure something out. Thanks!
    Oh, romeo... I wrote a guide of pokemon that can be used in HO :p check it out in the guide thingy thread
    Oh, Romeo, Romeo, Romeo....

    ^Teh graffitiz lulz (I couldn't put Keldeo on it since there's almost no art/sprites of it since it's unreleased)

    ^Leik the one I made

    sorry if they suck, I'm still a begginer in art
    anyways hope u l3ik it :)
    What's the most common thing you see in DW on PO? Maybe we can find something to counter it? :) Lol. IMO it sounds like I know a lot about HO but I play like crap with it.
    Lol. Sure. I'll send you a PM as soon as I can because I am very busy this week. Also, in my second HO battle (practice does make perfect. My first battle was 4-0) I got my friend (who is a great battler) down to 1-0. His Volcarona's Hurricane killed my Virizion but if he had used something else I would have won. :D
    Hmm... I'm Not sure, usually I use my Scrafty, which many teams don't prepare for due to its low useage, then sweep, hoped it helped:)
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