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  • Or any of these shinys?
    Breloom jolly poison heal 6iv
    Scizor adamant technician 6iv
    Haxorus adamant mold breaker 6iv
    Gyarados adamant moxie 6iv
    Rotom timid levitate 6iv
    Accelgor timid sticky hold 6iv
    Politoed bold drizzle 5iv
    Nine tails timid drought 6iv
    Garchomp adamant sand veil 6iv
    Starmie timid natural cure 6iv
    Volcarona timid flame body 6iv
    Tangroth jolly chlorophyll 6iv
    Drifblim jolly unburden 6iv
    Tyranitar sassy sand stream 6iv
    Jellicent bold cursed body 5iv
    Conkeldurr adamant guts 6iv
    Whimsicott calm prankster 6iv
    Vaporeon bold hydration 5iv
    Sableye calm prankster 6iv
    Timburr adamant guts 6iv
    Espeon timid magic bounce 6iv
    Tyranitar jolly sand stream 6iv
    Lapras impish hydration 6iv
    Sigilyph magic guard 6iv cosmic power stored power
    Togekiss timid serene grace 6iv
    Excadrill adamant sand rush 6iv
    Ok so you want any one of these shinys?
    Larvitar jolly 5iv dd. persuit stelth rock outrage heavyball
    Frokie male timid protien 5iv
    Chespin impish 6iv bulletproof
    Trevenant careful harvest 6iv
    Swampert adamant 5iv Spanish tag
    Aegislash brave 4iv dusk ball
    Greninja timid 5iv female
    Greninja hasty 5iv premier ball
    Greninja hasty 3iv dive ball hp fire
    Goodra calm 3iv premier ball gooey ( not cloned so it's not passed around)
    Goodra bold 5iv heal ball hydration counter (also don't think this is cloned)
    Goodra modest 6iv a bunch of egg moves ultra (this one got passed around a lot)
    Goodra modest 5iv premier ball counter gooey( also don't think this one got cloned)
    Infernape jolly iron fist thunder/fire punch 5iv
    Metagross adamant 6iv
    Snivy timid 5iv
    Aggron adamant 5iv
    Kecleon rash color change premier ball ?iv (trophy from safari un cloned)
    Scizor adamant premier ball French tag 5iv
    Espeon timid magic bounce 5iv wish yawn
    Grovyle timid italien tag
    Staru timid 5iv
    Mamoswine agamant dusk ball 5iv
    Sableye calm prankster recover 5iv
    Vaporeon impish cater absorb 5iv
    Furfrou impish 6iv netball
    Noivern timid 5iv
    Umbreon quirky 5iv moonball German tag
    Chansy lux ball 4iv Spanish tag
    Azumaril adamant aqua jet
    Klefki bold 5iv
    Talon flame adamant 4iv
    Malamar adamant 6iv
    Salamance jolly moxie 6iv
    Arcainine jolly 5iv flare blitz cc morning sun xtreme speed premier ball
    Tyranitar adamant 5iv dd assurance
    Skarmory impish 5iv
    Slowbro bold 4iv
    Ampharos modest plus 5iv premier ball
    Meowstic timid 5iv male
    Cyndaquill relaxed ?iv (trophy)
    Kangaskhan adamant scrappy 5iv
    Manetric timid lightning rod quick ball 4iv hp ice
    Zoroark modest 5iv lux ball
    Skitty impish wish 5iv
    Growlith jolly roar cc flair blitz morning sun premier ball 5iv
    Totodile jolly dd crunch
    Tepig adamant heavy slam 5iv
    Charizard timid solar power 5iv
    Charizard adamant blaze 5iv lux ball dragon dance outrage flare blitz
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