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Recent content by Ohshi

  1. Ohshi

    Which set can be considered as the Unova themed one during the Sun and Moon era?

    So strange that it took so many expansions after Team Up to finally given Gen 5 love while the other gens were all consecutive from each other.
  2. Ohshi

    Which set can be considered as the Unova themed one during the Sun and Moon era?

    It always bothered me that Unova/Gen 5 didn’t have a set which focused on that region/Gen. All the other gens got represented like this: Ultra Prism - Gen 4 Forbidden Light - Gen 6 Celestial Storm - Gen 3 Lost Thunder - Gen 2 Team Up - Gen 1 So do you think there was a set that Unova...
  3. Ohshi

    Signature Moves of Starters Animations

    I love Inteleon compared to the other two but I must admit, the pyro ball animation is the best.
  4. Ohshi

    What would your town be like in the Pokemon world?

    My town would only have 1 house. Mine. Because I’m the only one that matters lol.
  5. Ohshi

    Pokemon SwSh Story Discussion Thread (Spoilers INCLUDING POSTGAME)

    I agree. Those descendants of the original kings were more interesting that Chairman Rose going crazy. It seems out of nowhere that Rose would feel that type of way. Like the dude is the most successful business man in Galar, everyone keeps saying that he like controls most of the companies or...
  6. Ohshi

    Things You Would Change

    GTS should be in the game. Idk why they removed it since it’s been in the game ever since Gen 4 (but so was the tradition of including all previous Gen Pokémon since Gen 2 and we all know what happened to that). There should be a flying animation when you use the Flying Taxi. Why is this the...
  7. Ohshi

    The new fossil Pokémon

    Yeah makes me hope that the completed versions (with rock typing I guess) will eventually come out in maybe Sword and Shield 2 or Giga Sword and Shield. But seeing how Game Freak never showed the complete original dragon of Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem, I can also see the original fossil forms...
  8. Ohshi

    Can you see character customization happening in remakes of older games?

    Personally, I would prefer that there would be customization but I feel like it’s unlikely. Despite its series debut since Gen 6, we had two remakes since then and they both of them didn’t have it despite the Alolan games in between having the option again. I think they don’t want customization...
  9. Ohshi

    Reasoning for people to start playing the TCG again

    The reason why Venasaur EX is a basic rather than going through all the stages starting from Bulbasaur is that would be too cumbersome to use. Even stage 2s can be a pain and needs **** like rare candy. Venasaur EX only needs to evolve once to Mega Venasaur EX and that makes it more viable to...
  10. Ohshi

    Original Gen 1 Kanto Indigo League Ash Hat Pikachu event rerelease?

    So I know when the event first came out, you could only choose only one of the Pikachu hats. Originally I really did want the original hat but I didn’t do it in time so I ended up choosing my second favorite, the Sinnoh hat. So the following year, eventually they rerelease all the regional...
  11. Ohshi

    8th Gen Regional Variants

    Yeah I remember it being a thing before Megas were even revealed. People really thought he was Mewthree lol.
  12. Ohshi

    Stupid things that you thought/did with pokemon as a kid

    lol me 2. Although I’m sad to this day that Jirachi has yet to have a place to be catchable. Even the Mythicals after him like Shaymin and Victini have locations to be caught at.
  13. Ohshi

    Misconceptions about Pokemon

    lol all mythical Pokémon are legendaries. It’s just that not all legendaries are mythicals. Like how all mammals are animals but not all animals are mammals. And technically Arceus and Silvally can be all the types but that’s only through their abilities so I also wouldn’t count them as the...
  14. Ohshi

    Galar Dex Controversy

    You really think they would have ever told the truth? The truth makes them look weak and incompetent. But honestly, it's not even an issue of time or struggling. They just don't want to put in the effort. Save money by not hiring extra staff for the game. It's not like money is an issue for them...
  15. Ohshi

    Characters from the games that you feel GameFreak has forgotten or ignored.

    Emma from post-game X/Y's Looker missions. I was really expecting her to come back with more importance in Z or X2/Y2...