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  • In your link Sewaddle doesn't learn TM X-Scissor. If you can edit your post with a link to where it does or pic another TM then I can approve its presents
    It's no problem. I think it would be better to include it in the last since you edited the post before I posted the update. Can you please remove it from your new post?
    Actually, I made a mistake on your account, it should be 129,200. I'll correct it right now. The Rare Bones are actually 5,000 coins each, not the 1,200 listed on the thread so that's where the difference came from.
    Sorry about that. Thanks for the heads up. Could have sworn I posted it with the others...

    Thanks again!
    Yup I already sent him a message. *sigh* every time I have a notification a jolt of fear goes through me, I really need to get over that.

    I always forget to check the move tutor to see if i got everything right, sorry for the confusion. just got back in town and am fixing stuff now. and thanks SOOOOOO much on your doing my Monday stuff!
    Whoops! I'm so, so sorry! I thought that I'd removed it! It must be my mobile hating me again, one second and I'll fix it! ^^; So, so sorry!
    Thanks for doing all my chores for the last couple weeks. I owe you one. And I have no problem with you teaching the HMs to my Horsea, I just hadn't gotten off my lazy *** to do it. Thanks again!
    Huh, I thought they had updated since the last time I posted in the bank. Oh well, I'll go edit. Thanks for telling me.

    Thankfully, Tess accepted my TM purchase. Now my Munna can have a third damaging move.
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