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  • I did get a PM from Takku about your update but having read it I'm really struggling to think where the adventure is leading. He's sent me a step or two ahead but once I get there I'm lost for a middle or end. Also with everyone posting within the day or two of an update I would like to finish one before I take another on, especially now I've got 7 (I originally wanted to cap at 5) considering my updating can often wane with lack of creativity and sparks of laziness.

    I will take you on after one of my adventures have finished, however that could be a long time. If you're attached to the adventure I can carry it on once my first updatee has finished or you can start another and you'll be the first one I pick up afterwards.

    Sound good?
    Besides Kelly, the only person Leo interacted with for longer than one post is not in the RP anymore (ST/Cavity.) :/

    From what I can tell, it looks like GM is about ready to finish the RP. :p So maybe I'll bring Leo back if there's a v4 with new powers. Depending on who else joins.
    Leo is a luck inducer not a healer. :p (At least, not in this RPG anyway. xD)

    I'm not sure if I'll come back to it to be honest... :/
    Sorry about that joke. It just kind of popped up in my mind, and the next thing I knew I felt I had to use the joke.
    I was kind of hoping you would post soon in Teen Titans. I'm kind of waiting on you. ...Sorry if I'm being pushy.
    So am I. Why do you think I haven't posted?

    One of those Swat team members also hated heroes... I don't think they'd be of much use sadly...

    Jane destroyed Ben's communicator from what I've read...
    "it would've turned a Wailord into a Wind Fish."

    I see what you did there. I take it that you've played Link's Awakening before?
    Sounds like Kassy and Nix will get along fabulously, since I imagine they will have to interact at some point.
    Well that's good news. I'll probably have Forest meet him later rather than soon as Tas has Kraxel on his way to Sunmar, so Forest and him are probably going to chat first before moving on to Liberty Station for aid.
    That plan sounds good. The majority of the Liberty Crusade poeple are currently at the station, but you could have a group of scouts return. Unless things drag out talking with Tasselhoff, I plan on having Liberty Crusade/Circle of Seven people leaving the Station. If anything else comes up let me know.

    Thanks for the heads up about the medics.
    The Kokoro factions are friendly with each other, even though they've had a past of differences. They've set those aside due to the dire situation.

    If you have resolved the situation with SoulMuse, that's good to hear, but if something gets screwy, let me know. But yeah, I thinking sharing it and being on friendly terms with the Circle of Seven seems like the right way to handle it. The base should still belong to JVC since you were pretty much there first.

    But yeah, if there's still a problem, let me know.
    Oppsies.....The only reason that I started at Liberty Station was becuase I mentioned it in my SU.

    I like your second idea, and that is fine. I need to post now anyway, so I can fill in the detials there. It also makes Ian's rush to leave the base make a little bit more sense. Feel free to have her barge in on meetings or something.
    So where should our characters meet in Broken Sun? I think Roaring Thunder's base is going to be at Sunmar now instead of Rasama. Or Forest can meet up with Kassy at her base wherever you plan on having it.
    I doubt he'd forget. He may have forgotten what's it like to be human, but considering most of his reconstruction was because of that war, I doubt he has the capacity to forget anything completely from that time period.
    I don't think they interacted much, but I bet sometime throughout the 70 years of being on the planet, they're bound to bump into each other. I think the only time they spoke much was over the com lines early in the war.

    I'm not saying that we need to make up some history in our meeting, but something along the lines of just catching up and gossiping about the recent state of affairs.
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