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  • So, as it looks like we will be the only two returning, what do you think of having our characters meet up early and discuss and catch up on old history as I'm sure at some point they crossed paths?
    Yea, I remember a few of the characters in Crusade, especially Kassy and some others. I was gonna bring my character back and then remembered he died so I decided to bring my character from Broken Sun: Mandate of Anarchy into Season of Evil.
    It's actually a part 2 of the Broken Sun Series. The barebones is that it is a battle between Utopia and the Abyss and Kokoro is under siege from the Abyss. It does take place 70 years after Crusade, but that doesn't mean your character couldn't have found some way to live long (like Cyan Energy or some other creative idea).
    I wasn't sure if you may have saw it or not, but Avenger Angel/Neo Pikachu's new RPG, Broken Sun, is actually set back in Kokoro. I remember that you mentioned it back in the original Divine Discussion thread that you missed RPing in it, so I thought I'd ask if you 1) saw the RPG was out, and 2) if you were interested. The story is obviously way different and takes place decades in the future, but I thought I'd share it with you.
    And now Alana gets to experience Leo's cooking skillz. :p

    Although, he doesn't have the good luck powers to make sure everything comes out perfect here.
    Leo doesn't know how to operate the control room either...

    Wanna start randomly pressing buttons and pulling levers untill something happens? xD
    Wow, you covered all the bases there. Yep, that all sounds good. (the sauna is pushing it, but I'll let it slide.) and no, you didn't reveal any surprises. Just have her avoid the bottum floors. Thats where I'm keeping something I wanted to use in the 2cd TTN RP, but never got the chance to.
    Hey, I saw you were talking about being bored and wanted to extend an invitation to my Pokemon forum. It's fairly new, and needs new members because, due to life business and writers block the few other members aren't as active, but I'm dying to update people. xDD So. pocketgalaxy.forumotion.com - pop in and take a look. ^^ I'll be your updater if you join.
    I can do cold hearted beatches. It's keeping them that way for a long time that's the problem. :/ (I can't come up with cruel things for them to say/do all the time, and still get them whereever I need to get to get them.) It's much easier to have them be nice, and have them snap once in a while. (See Leo.)

    It's why I rarely do villians, and why Claire in Teen Titans is the way that she is. (She could've done so much worse than steal Kelly's comb if she really wanted to. x))
    (No, this is not GH. We just "happen" to have the same avatar at the moment. xD)

    Woo-hoo! Divine is back! 8D

    /Random message
    Not long hopefully...

    All of a sudden I've got two RPG's that are waiting for my post to get anywhere, and are at my mercy until I do, muwhahahahaha!, FB responses to write, and homework to do. Things have been a bit crazy. :/
    UPN is fun because of how active the stuff there aside from zones are. You really get to know people. As for the rule, I really have no idea.
    Oh, then you've seen my last post in the Teen Titans thread.

    I'm going to have to bunny Ben a bit. He'll basically find them, escort them to the tower, and let em in. He won't say much. (Which, according to his SU, is in character anyway.)

    I really hate bunnying other people's characters though. (My first post in the first version of Divine shows this...) They're not mine, so I wouldn't know how they'd react to things. :/ I don't mind when other people bunny my characters though. xD (As long as they're kept in character.)
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