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  • I think I caught a glance of it earlier (it was about FF Tactics, right?). Sure, I'll look over it in more depth and give my thoughts. It'll have to wait, though; I came to see if there was stuff to do before I started cooking dinner!
    I'll most likely get the post in tomorrow, as I have nothing to do the entire day. (Unless something else comes up.)
    In Teen Titans, when Kelly, Leo, and ST finally get out of the sewers, is there anything you want them to do, or do you want to go back to the tower?

    Leo does not know specifically where the tower is besides being underground in the woods outside the city, fortunately Luck based powers help with that. ;D

    Is also sending this message to GH.
    Sorry, I've been loaded with work, I'll answer your questions as best as I can now.

    The Orginal Teen Titans have left and will be long gone by the time the heros get home.

    Titans tower is underground in this RP, to help hide it. It has a super computer, with access to police records, criminal profiles, and pretty much everything the internet can offer. It also has a decent sized library, gym, and power training rooms, all to benefit the heros. I'm also planning on adding a surprise in there for later.

    The villans have multiple bases, but none as nice as the Titans Tower.
    GH and PWAP are going to have a lot to react to. xD

    Edit: I just realized, since Mad Hattress is there, and Kelly is blond...she might be in more trouble. xD (Mad Hattress kills blond females she believes to be "Alice." xD)

    Clearly this isn't Kelly's day. =P
    He's in normal clothes right now. =P Red tank top and jeans. (See first page of the thread.)

    He would be wearing the hero outfit, but Robin took his luggage before he had a chance to change. xD (I was expecting to go to the tower for a bit before we fought the villains.)
    I see you've edited your post. xD

    Don't worry, I read other people's conversations all the time. They're sitting right there for all to read.

    Leo can also make bad luck too. x) And he had his fair share of unluckiness when he was younger. (Usually getting blamed whenever something bad thing happens to someone.) It depends on his mood.
    I get that a lot. xD

    I know that, but Claire doesn't. ;) If you do find it, Claire will throw a tantrum. (No fair you cheated!) though surprisingly, she will hold her end of the bargain.

    Actually, I (sort of) do have plans for that. She's going to hide it in the Villain's base somewhere. Claire's expecting Kelly to run all over town searching for it. Hence that line about not being able to find it.

    I'm hoping Kelly eventually ends up in the sewer, and run into everyone's favorite lucky charm. (Leo) as well as Sweetooth and Madeline fighting. ;)

    I don't care if she finds the comb or not. One of them having to do a favor for the other will be interesting regardless of who it is. xD
    Eh the differences are small but noticeable enough to where she'll be fine...

    She seems to be interesting


    Those ideas seem pretty cool. I'd love to see them play out!

    I see...

    I got plenty of plans for oliver and Laura...it'll be very good...

    Now how will Laura take down a tiger in her broken state? I'm clueless...
    Oh...I thought it was similar to teleporting but when I saw that I had to ask you as I thought there might of been something i overlooked but I was confused...I see now...
    I see...

    I thought that is what it was but I thought we were told no teleporters so i was wondering why Kelly's portals sounded like that
    Expect Claire to chase after Kelly in the Teen Titans RPG.

    Or, at least send some ghosts after her. :p
    Sorry, but as I've told mattman, I was in a very busy time this past few weeks, moving and changing jobs, and everything else, so while I've been keeping an eye on the forums (mostly via cell phone) I havn't had a lot of time to make a post, and when I do, more active RPs take priority. I havn't forgotten about it, and I' really trying not to abandon you guys, but at the moment I don't have a concrete plan for Divine so its harder for me to get a post going, as I'm really not sure what's supposed to be happening.
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