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  • I have bad luck with Shinies too. It was surpising to run across a Shiny Geodude and Shiny Goldeen. I've read about RNGing, but it was complicated for me to fully understand. I like to MM and chain...but...all well.
    lol. FINNALLY got Shiny Golem in White. ...That Geodude went though ALOT. *was captured in FireRed, transfered to SoulSilver, and transfered to White* *AND was kept in the PC until I reached the E4 [Was caught in Rock Tunnel]* *sighs*
    Ugh...I hate to say it, but I think that I'm leaving it. School starts up in a few days, and this school year is REALLY important. Infact, I already left a ton of rps on different sites. I just...don't know where to post my leaving.
    Quick note to self: personality test images! 2 put l8r!

    hi! Just letting you know that Virizion came back open in Divine; thought I'd ask you this way before making another post on the SU thread.
    Nope, nothing specific... It's just for battles, trades and generaly fun... Here's a link, click here if you want to check it out.
    Are you in a clan? If not then why not join the black ice clan? I'm a member and it's great! I'll send you a link if you're interested.
    Ah ok, time to get rid of the siggy then! It was still cool to be in the clan while it lasted XD :)
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