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  • lol check this out. its about rollout

    Notes, Changes, Bugs, Etc
    If Defense Curl is used immediately before this move, the power will start out doubled.
    in america you catch the pokemon. in soviet russia the pokemon catches you!

    in america team rocket steals your pokemon. in soviet russia you steal team rocket's pokemon

    in america trainers use pokemon in battle, in soviet russia pokemon use trainers in battle!

    funny jokes eh?
    I was quite suprised to see that I had a message here. I don't get on here very much at all. I might just be alittle younger then your grandmother. In the not so distance furture i'll be turning turning 40. That's why i picked my name, since i am probably alot older then almost everyone here. I don't really play video games...just the pokemon games.
    Hello :)

    heh my grandma doesent even play video games well. most of my grandparents never have or were never good at it :)

    i dont mean to be a nussiance or anything. however how old exactly are you?

    (just so i can sort things out in my mind. )

    I also have added you to my friends list. and hope you will do so too and reply to this message
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