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  • lmao OM i just read our VMs, if you ever get back on and see this know i had a giggle! hope you're well, i'm just kind of reminiscing tonight
    I prolly wont be anywhere for awhile tbh ..have barely left the house for a couple weeks except to get food for my dog.

    I hope your holidays and all the days after and in between are super awesome <3
    LOL it's like this every year , it's only going to get hotter unfortunately. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is allergic to Texas x).

    I haven't had much time to play either , but I think I'm going to get Alpha Saphire this time. I got Ruby first back in gen 3. I may just get both lol.
    Neither is Blaziken. It's a really strange metagame right now, where most of what was a huge threat in VGC 13 and 11 are still big. Only real additions are Talonflame, Meowstic, that key thing forgot its name, Mega Kanga/Mawile/T-Tar/Garchomp/Scizor/Charizard Y. Honestly, I'd take this time to get as creative as you want and see what does/doesn't work for you. Everyone's really trying to play around with everything. Other big threats are Rotom-W, Azumarill, and Gyarados, otherwise, we're looking at more or less the same threats.
    hy, would you mine add my FC? :)
    im looking for kirlia on your safari

    Pokemon X Derpina
    FC : 2106-0044-6928

    Pokemon Safari : FIRE Charmeleon, Growlithe, Braixen

    thx a lot :)
    Hahahaha SR'ing for Blaziken was such a pain. I definitely just settled, but it was ok. Great nature, but the IVs are so hard to get. :p

    Have you started getting into the competitive battles?
    I added you! My FC is 2105-8794-8462.
    Yeah, haha. I hope you're doing well too. I'm just breeding stuff in 6th gen.
    Nice to see you! And my fc is 0259-0771-4167, and mine is normal and the only impressive thing in it is chansey so yeah lol
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