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old man
Last Activity:
Oct 31, 2015
Mar 12, 2007
Likes Received:
Next to my wife...
Electrical Engineer

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old man

On Guard!!!, from Next to my wife...

old man was last seen:
Oct 31, 2015
    1. PokeN3rd
      lmao OM i just read our VMs, if you ever get back on and see this know i had a giggle! hope you're well, i'm just kind of reminiscing tonight
    2. Pathfinder
      I prolly wont be anywhere for awhile tbh ..have barely left the house for a couple weeks except to get food for my dog.

      I hope your holidays and all the days after and in between are super awesome <3
    3. Pathfinder
      Sadly I don't yet :( if I find one I'll message you though
    4. Pathfinder
      I miss you OM , hope you're doing well
    5. Pathfinder
      LOL it's like this every year , it's only going to get hotter unfortunately. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is allergic to Texas x).

      I haven't had much time to play either , but I think I'm going to get Alpha Saphire this time. I got Ruby first back in gen 3. I may just get both lol.
    6. Pathfinder
      OM!!! how ya been old friend? You excited for 3rd gen remakes ?
    7. James Bondage
      James Bondage
      It's all good. I'm a little late seeing your message, as well. (I should check these a little more often)
    8. James Bondage
      James Bondage
      Never knew you were still around the forums. How's life treating you?
    9. DarumakkaImposter
      Hey! How's it going? How's the fam?
    10. jstinftw!
      Neither is Blaziken. It's a really strange metagame right now, where most of what was a huge threat in VGC 13 and 11 are still big. Only real additions are Talonflame, Meowstic, that key thing forgot its name, Mega Kanga/Mawile/T-Tar/Garchomp/Scizor/Charizard Y. Honestly, I'd take this time to get as creative as you want and see what does/doesn't work for you. Everyone's really trying to play around with everything. Other big threats are Rotom-W, Azumarill, and Gyarados, otherwise, we're looking at more or less the same threats.
    11. andysn
      hy, would you mine add my FC? :)
      im looking for kirlia on your safari

      Pokemon X Derpina
      FC : 2106-0044-6928

      Pokemon Safari : FIRE Charmeleon, Growlithe, Braixen

      thx a lot :)
    12. jstinftw!
      Hahahaha SR'ing for Blaziken was such a pain. I definitely just settled, but it was ok. Great nature, but the IVs are so hard to get. :P

      Have you started getting into the competitive battles?
    13. Frtkyjr
      What exactly do you have in your fairy safari please?
    14. Buffybot
      I added you for friend safaris :D My FC is 0602-7348-5995 Hope you're having fun :)
    15. #1PokemonFan
      Hi, here is my friend code if you want to battle or trade 3411-1691-1122
    16. Gonzo206
      I added you! My FC is 2105-8794-8462.
      Yeah, haha. I hope you're doing well too. I'm just breeding stuff in 6th gen.
    17. Gonzo206
      I'm here now haha.
    18. jstinftw!
      Sweet deal! I already beat the game. You are in for a treat! :D
    19. jstinftw!
      Hahah sorry for the late reply! Yeah dude, I got you. Mine's 2921 9440 4532. :D
    20. BGP_
      Nice to see you! And my fc is 0259-0771-4167, and mine is normal and the only impressive thing in it is chansey so yeah lol
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  • About

    Next to my wife...
    Electrical Engineer
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Football, Basketball, Books playing with my kids


    Old Man
    X fc: 5129-1530-5385 (Skillz)
    Fairy Safari
    Kirlia, swirlix, clefairy