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  • Yea I kind of just got back to breeding. How have you been?

    Are you looking for those ghost pokes?
    There has been many changes since I left but hasn't it always been like that s:?

    I'm doing fine. I do have the urge for some WiFi battling but I can't find my dongle ;-;

    Any plans for Easter?
    Hey OM :)

    Hows the OSL challenge coming along?

    It's a shame I can't find my WiFi adaptor otherwise I would challenge you to a battle since I'm back home for the Easter holidays :eek:
    Alright, sounds good to me. I'll be sure to touch base with you sometime on monday to see what we can work out. If I have work, I won't be able to battle till around 11:30 PM EST, if that's a problem we can work out another time.
    sorry for the late reply, yeah i'll battle you. Umm... i'll try contacting u wen we're both online. im gmt0 btw.
    Yes,I just got home now,I had to run a few errands with my mother to get food since the stores wont be accessible over the next couple of days.
    Thanks, but no thanks. Breeding is a skill I am trying to develop myself. If I need to breed a certain Poke I'll go breed it or chain breed it myself.
    Sorry dude but I can't be your tutor no more. I had the opportunity to go work away with friends and it was an offer I couldn't refuse. I had to leave my comp but I have my blackberry (h). I won't have WiFi for about a year 0_o but I'll still have internet access so I can say the occasional Hi ^_^ What Goke said is half true. I did leave Serebii but only to try other forums and I fully intended to remain as your tutor, but life>pokemon. It took me awhile to get used to my blackberry >_>, thats why It's taken a while to tell you this. GL on your OSL challenge (y) I know you can beat it!
    If you want fun and the surprize factor why dont you consider a Ledian lead? I'm serious BTW xD It has a massive movepool and can cause a shock. You can have a double screen set or a Swords dance/batton pass set. But when using it make sure you have the right Pokemon to partner it.
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