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  • Thanks for accepting my FR

    In case you were wondering why I sent it, I saw your post about how hard it is to be gay and let you know I understand.
    I'm bi and apart from a few cousins I haven't been able to tell anyone in my family and that's just with being bi.

    I also have a good friend who's sister wants nothing to do with him because he is homosexual and her and her family are the only living family members he has here so it's been hard on him too.

    So if you ever need anyone to talk with about it just drop me a line.

    Ok cool I wanna trade my Gurdurr so it can evolve. Can I trade you those to monkeys and then get a mudkip and my Gurdurr (Conkledurr) back aswell...? Didd you have any specific natures you had in mind?
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