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    Wow! Listen to Reloaded by Lady Gaga ft Rodney [Darkchild] Jerkins. He produced the song Telephone. It sounds so good.
    (below)...And my FC is 2192 - 6049 - 0748. What's your info?...
    I'm very glad to see we finally connected. This weekend is fine. You probably have school right? Good luck to you! ;D
    Sorry to nag, but plzzzzzz let me know when we can battle so we can move on in the tourney. Won't bother you again. :(
    I certainly don't mean to rush you one bit but it does seem that our not battling yet is holding up the next round of the tournament. When ever you feel like it please send me your FC and availability and we can battle.

    Thanks! :D
    Your FC, your Friend Code. You find it by starting up PBR and going to Colloseum Mode>Continue>Your Save File>Nintendo WFC>Friend Roster>The box to the right that says "Your Name's Friend Code"

    I need to put yours in my roster and you need to put mine in your roster so we can battle each other. Oh, my Youtube account...well...it's been quite a while, but I think it was called "MattJ's mansion" or something stupid like that. I need to update it.

    Well, hope we can battle soon. Good Luck!
    So, I hear we're supposed to battle (for the team Revolution tourney)! Sounds fun! My IGN is Michael J (guess which avatar I chose XP) And my FC is 2192 - 6049 - 0748. What's your info?

    BTW I'm in Central US time. What's your time zone and general availability? Mine is 4:00PM-10:00PM Central time.

    Best of Luck. I know this will be fun! Do you mind if I record it, though I won't post it till the whole tourney's over. Just thought it'd be fun!
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