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  • I'm actually not huge on RP, but it is fun once in a while. Though I do like a good RPG, like Skyrim <3 I hope they make an Elsweyr game. It'd be nice to visit the land if my birth.
    I should probably get to sleeping or I will hate myself when I have to wake up lol
    Idk lol, I was trying to watch PewDiePie play Brothers A Tale of Two Sons, but my interwebs are garbage and it wouldn't let me. I'll watch it between classes at Uni tomorrow.
    Ha you did the same thing as me and posted it on your own visitor message
    XD I just found this one
    Hahaha nice. I love Pokepuns! I have a Butterfree named Toast. Oh, she could have helped us out of the hole. Oh well, we are out so I guess that doesn't matter.
    Yea I was wondering the same thing myself... And shouldn't we have gotten the bends or whatever? Maybe it was the Pokemon keeping us in one piece and such
    Haha *unties the ropes once we are far enough away from the hole and directs the Pokemon towards Hoenn*
    Say what? Oh was it shiny? Do I need to get my master ball? Which way did it go?
    Sorry about this! *grabs your shirt, hopefully not choking you ha, then wraps another rope around you* alright guys, fly!
    Aw crap! Uh, what if I... No... Uh... Well, this is going to suck! Come on out guys! *sends out all my Pokemon that can fly, Lugia, Pidgeon, Charcoal (obv since I'm riding him), and dives into the hole after tying my spare ropes to us all* I should have brought more Bidoofs to send the extra rope in! *reaches out* quick! They can pull us out!
    Ah yes, very fitting. Ok, here goes nothing... *secures the Escape Rope tightly to Sacrifice so it doesn't get ripped off by the black hole, aims, and tosses him straight into the hole* Bombs away!
    Okay so wow. I posted a visitor message to you on my own page. *derp* it was to tell you that we would be no longer than an hour, and we are approaching the black hole. I see it, and since I don't want to get too close I will stop here. Ready for the Bidoof?
    I know! I can toss a Bidoof holding an Escaoe Rope in without getting close! You catch him and get out.
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