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  • Ah... sorry to hear that dude.
    I recently developed this chesty cough... I don't know if it's going around or whatever.
    How are you though?
    Ah right, I see.
    Hopefully if I get XV, it won't spoil the story. According to what FF players said, they have a new story and characters which is good.

    Haha, you still have time. XV's not going to come about until late next year or 2016. The price for them will probably have gone down slightly.
    Looking at the first link.. I assumed it'll happen.
    The earliest I can see FFXV releasing is late-2015 (December time). But in the most likeliest event, it'll move into 2016.

    FFXV is on my Christmas list next year. But in preparation in case it doesn't release then, I'll get Batman: Arkham Knight instead. (another game I'm hyped for)
    I would consider Uncharted 4, but my friend's getting it. So in any case, I'll just borrow it off him once he's finished.
    Final Fantasy XV...

    PS4 and Xbox One has been announced. I think PC will get it in the later future.

    PS2? Dude, that is legendary. I remember playing The Simpsons: Hit & Run on my PS2... such beautiful nostalgic memories. :')
    I own the PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4. (too much PS')
    I haven't owned any other console before other than PlayStation.

    FFXV began production in 2006. Since then, presumably due to the other games they were working on it was a long wait. It seemed it was originally for PS3 and Xbox 360.. but later in 2013 they announced that it will be next-gen only.
    They released a trailer of it at TGS this year, and it says 'in development'.
    This is nearly 10 years development here.. but still, I can't wait for it! I'm hyped!
    Sorry dude! I had the family over and it was very occupied in the house. :s

    Ah right. Speaking of Final Fantasy.. if Final Fantasy XV comes out near December next year or March 2016.. I'll possibly get it. It'll be my first FF game and it just looks so awesome..
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