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  • Oh, it's my forum about my favorite gym leader (guess who that is!). I'll invite you to it, if you like, but it'll have to be via pm and i'll need your e-mail too to send you a join code for it. As i don't undisable sign ups for no-one. Too much risk of trolls attacking us again :p
    *thumb's up* A hoenn supporter :p I may pm you sometime why that means something to me, even though i wish i picked torchic on my alpha sapphire a bit now lol. I'll add you to my friends :3 maybe you'll wanna join my forum sometime too? XD
    if you request a DQ you can order aswell should you get a KO it will be added to your points (me confirming it would end the match as is without the extra orders)
    So I am literally a month behind on my SU. Am I still relevant? Should have more spare time by next tuesday.
    1st you will need to bump him in the thread, and then leave a vm stating that you are bumping him in your match
    2nd you will wait the DQ time stated in the first post and then after that you can post orders and DQ :)
    Best toy ever.
    Just finished the tutorial battle, the first cutscene, and three screen transitions. I fully forsee having a workable alpha by the end of today.
    When I make a workable beta, want a copy?
    Even if I don't end up making anything, I think the 40 bucks I spent for a 90$ software is worth it.

    I am probably going to treat it as a game at some point. I for sure could dump 100+ hours into designing skills.
    Got any suggestions?

    I've already got some characters designed, and an idea about dialogue, but at this point, I'm doing nothing but design skill trees.
    I like designing skill trees.
    It looks good, but it is just a tad sparse. Possibly bulk it up a bit with a bit more information (especially the personality part, add on to the traits and elaborate a bit more on them).
    Hey, sorry for the bother, just a wanted a check up on your SU and if you are still interested ^^
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